Ryzen 9 5950x Price

  -   Rs. 147,000

The Lowest price of Ryzen 9 5950x in Pakistan is Rs. 147,000, and the estimated average price is Rs. 182,200. Previously the price was Rs. 149,999 in April, approximately a 3% decrease. Latest Jun 2024 price from tracked on major eCommerce stores all across Pakistan.

AMD Processors prices have gone up 1% in the last 30 days. Ryzen 9 5950x is widely available online.

  • Base Clock Speed: 3.4 GHz
  • # Of Cores: 16 Cores
  • # Of Threads: 32 Threads
  • Turbo Speed: 4.9 GHz
  • Tdp: 105 W
  • Cache: 72 MB

The AMD Ryzen 9 5950X is AMD’s current flagship processor. Well, technically their Threadripper lineup is considered as the best of the best, those processors aren’t really consumer-grade. So, the 5950X is the highest-end processors that people want to be at the center of their PC right now. Zen 3 has been incredible in terms of power, and the 5950X is the cream of the crop. It’s a part of the new Ryzen 5000 series of processors. To put it simply, the word “beast” is what best describes this processor. Not only does it show IPC improvements and overall prowess in productivity, but it also manages to embarrass the competition while doing so. The fact that you can use this motherboard with a previous X470 is also incredible. You can use this with a B450 motherboard, but that isn’t really doing this processor justice is it? It’s an excellent processor and considering the Ryzen 9 5950X price in Pakistan, nothing comes close.

Ryzen 9 5950x Details

Brief Overview

Before we get into the numbers let’s give you a quick refresher on Zen 3 and the 5950X. Zen 3 is AMD’s most important launch yet. The all-new Vermeer 7nm architecture gives us a major improvement over the previous generation. In terms of the lineup, the 5950X is the successor to the 3950X. We see some major IPC and frequency improvements with this launch.

Quick Specs

The 5900X is a sixteen-core and twenty-two thread processor. Those numbers speak for themselves, as sixteen cores are plenty for productivity purposes. It has a max TDP of 105W, which isn’t higher than the 5900X or 5800X. The base frequency is rated at 3.4GHz, and it can boost all the way up to 4.9GHz.

It has a total cache of 72MB. Individually, the L3 cache is 64MB, the L1 cache is 64K (per core), and the L2 cache is 512K (per core). For those wondering, Ryzen processors don’t have any integrated graphics, and the same is true for the 5950X. That’s common knowledge, but still worth mentioning.

How Fast Is The 5950X?

Well, we can answer that question in two words: Mind-numbingly fast. But for the sake of it, we’ll talk numbers to see how it stacks up compared to the competition if there is any. We say that because the 5950X gives us 3977MHz to work within an all-core Cinebench run. That slowly deviates due to temperature but sustains itself at 3950MHz.

That’s quite good for a sixteen-core processor sure, but what about single-core performance? Well, the highest clock measured is 5050MHz, which is a 350MHz improvement over its predecessor, the 3950X. That should paint the picture of what sort of performance we’re looking at it.

Yes, the 5950X is a major leap forward when compared to the 5950X. With that said, it also beats out any Intel processor at the moment. To reach speeds that high, you normally need to overclock the processor.

Productivity Workloads

Productivity has always been AMD’s stomping ground. In late 2020, little has changed, and AMD still manages to take the lead here. That’s not by a small bit either, as we’ll see shortly. Those sixteen cores can get quite fast, and it leaves everything in the dust in comparison. If you want to improve your workflow or your efficiency, the 5950X should help out a lot.

In V-ray, the 5950X provides31 thousand K-samples, which is a 22% improvement over the 3950X, and 12% better than the 10980XE. In the Photoshop 22 benchmark, the 5950X scores 1372 points, which is quite a bit ahead of any mainstream processor right now. In other benchmarks like Blender, Code Compilation, and 7zip compression, this processor shows anywhere from 15% to 30% improvements. 

So, yes, not everyone needs an insanely powerful sixteen-core processor like the 5950X. But for the professional video editors, music producers, designers, etc, this is quite the treat. Nothing else comes remotely close in terms of productivity.

Gaming Performance

We’re including gaming performance just for the sake of it. The 5950X performs great in games, as you would expect. However, sixteen-cores is quite a bit overkill for any videogame right now, and even in the foreseeable future. However, if you want to do build an end-all-be-all workstation/gaming rid, the 5950X does well. 

In Civilization VI we see an average turn time of 26.6 seconds. In Red Dead Redemption 2, we get 168fps when paired with a 3080. This is a 13% improvement over the previous generation. In Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, we see major gains as the 5950X is 32% faster here. It’s also 36% faster in F1 2020.

Power Consumption

You’d expect the 5950X to consume a lot of power. Well, you wouldn’t be wrong for thinking that, but it’s better than some might think. The max TDP is rated at 105W. In a Blender All-Core run, the 5950X runs at 120W at stock. The same remains true in a Cinebench run. This is 18% lower than the 5950X.

So, not only is this processor faster but it’s also more efficient than its predecessor. We can safely say that it’s a win for AMD here. Just remember it still requires proper cooling.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Ryzen 9 5950X is the best of the best right now. AMD has increased the price a bit compared to the last generation. However, they can easily justify it as there is no competition at all at this price. Considering the Ryzen 9 5950X price in Pakistan, we can tell you to go for it if you need power and have the money. You get a lot of cores for cheap, and it serves its purpose as a workhorse.

Price Changes

Date Lowest Price
May 2021 Rs. 200,000
Jun 2021 Rs. 189,999
Jun 2021 Rs. 188,000
Jul 2021 Rs. 179,500
Jul 2021 Rs. 175,400
Aug 2021 Rs. 174,150
Aug 2021 Rs. 179,500
Aug 2021 Rs. 174,150
Aug 2021 Rs. 170,400
Aug 2021 Rs. 179,500
Aug 2021 Rs. 189,999
Aug 2021 Rs. 179,500
Sep 2021 Rs. 170,400
Sep 2021 Rs. 164,000
Sep 2021 Rs. 153,299
Sep 2021 Rs. 164,000
Oct 2021 Rs. 144,999
May 2022 Rs. 140,999
May 2022 Rs. 109,999
Jul 2022 Rs. 128,499
Aug 2022 Rs. 128,999
Oct 2022 Rs. 133,999
Nov 2022 Rs. 129,999
Feb 2023 Rs. 129,500
Feb 2023 Rs. 129,999
Mar 2023 Rs. 132,000
Jun 2023 Rs. 141,399
Aug 2023 Rs. 142,999
Sep 2023 Rs. 144,500
Sep 2023 Rs. 147,000
Oct 2023 Rs. 144,500
Dec 2023 Rs. 147,000
Apr 2024 Rs. 149,999
May 2024 Rs. 147,000
Jun 2024 Rs. 147,000

Ryzen 9 5950x Specs

Base Clock Speed 3.4 Ghz
# Of Cores 16 Cores
# Of Threads 32 Threads
Turbo Speed 4.9 Ghz
Tdp 105 W
Cache 72 Mb