Haier Microwave Oven Price in Pakistan - Latest Jun, 2024 Prices

Haier Microwave prices start from Rs. 16,999 in Pakistan. Haier prices have gone down 13% online in the last 30 days. Common products available in Pakistan are Haier HGL-20MXP7 Microwave Oven, Haier HDL-20MXP4 Microwave Oven, and Haier HMN 32100BEGB Microwave Oven.

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Haier Microwave Oven - Price Summary

Model Price
Haier HGL-20MXP7 Microwave Oven Rs. 17,999
Haier HDL-20MXP4 Microwave Oven Rs. 19,645
Haier HMN 32100BEGB Microwave Oven Rs. 33,999

With its headquarters in Qingdao China, Haier is a Chinese multinational home appliances brand. Founded in 1984 by Zhang Ruimin, Haier manufactures a wide range of products including washing machines, refrigerators, LEDs as well as microwave ovens. It has Candy, Fisher & Paykel as its subsidiary companies. 

Haier HGN-38100EGW: This elegant and stylish design by Haier is available in a classy shade of white. Its main features include even heating, cooking function, and defrost. With its special cavity structure, even heating is made possible. It also has built-in menus for multiple recipes which makes it easier for beginners to cook and bake using this product. Along with this, it efficiently defrosts frozen food items. 

Haier Red Ribbons HMN-45110EGB: Another elegant microwave design by Haier, this one is available in a classy shade of black with a dark red handle acting as an eye-catchy contrast. It provides even heating which is made possible due to its special cavity which makes sure that the food is heated completely and you don’t have to face uneven heating problems. It also has defrosted settings that bring frozen food items to normal temperatures while saving energy and being eco-friendly all at the same time. With built-in menus, it is extremely user-friendly for beginners making sure they can cook and bake with minimum effort. Other features of these microwaves include an LED display which shows the cooking status.

Haier Convection HIL-2501CBSH: This elegant and sophisticated design by Haier is available in black color. It has a deodorizer which removes any smell or odor of food from the microwave after it has been cooked/heated. It also has a classification for Pakistani foods such as naan, roti, and garlic bread. With a stainless steel cavity, it provides its users with the advantage of frying without oil or with less oil, therefore, providing them with a healthy cooking experience.

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