Orient Microwave Oven Price in Pakistan - Latest May, 2023 Prices

Orient Microwave prices start from Rs. 10,799 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Orient Microwave OM-30E3Q/AG823E30, Orient Microwave Oven OM-30RW/MM823ARW - 23 LTR, Orient 34D Pizza 34ltr Microwave Oven Black, and ORIENT 30 Liter Cake 30D Microwave Oven Grill Black.

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Orient Microwave Oven - Price Summary

Model Price
Orient Microwave OM-30E3Q/AG823E30 Rs. 12,199
Orient Microwave Oven OM-30RW/MM823ARW - 23 LTR Rs. 10,799
Orient 34D Pizza 34ltr Microwave Oven Black Rs. 33,999
ORIENT 30 Liter Cake 30D Microwave Oven Grill Black Rs. 30,999
ORIENT 30 Liter Muffin 30D Microwave Oven Grill Black Rs. 31,999
ORIENT 30 Liter Pizza 34D Microwave Oven Grill Black Rs. 33,999
Orient Microwave Oven MUFFIN 30D GRILL Rs. 45,500
Orient Microwave Oven Pizza 34D Grill Black Rs. 48,500
Orient Microwave Oven Steak 62D Solo Black Rs. 61,000

Orient is a home appliances brand that manufactures a wide range of products including air conditioners, water dispensers, LEDs, washing machines, refrigerators as well as microwave ovens. Based in Pakistan, Orient claims to be a symbol of innovation in the country. Protecting the ecosystem along with maintaining quality is another unique selling point of the brand.

Steak 62D Solo Black Microwave: This microwave oven by Orient combines power efficiency with microwave cooking. Available in beautiful design and a stylish and sophisticated shade of black, this product includes features such as child safety lock, 5 level cooking, digital control type as well as auto cooking. For flexible and convenient cooking, it further has a 6-level heating system.

Cake 30D Solo Black Microwave: This elegant and sophisticated microwave by orient is available in jet black color with white cavity coating. To make sure your children are safe around this electronic product, it has a child safety lock. Other than this, it has 1200 W of power and 800 W of wattage. With a plastic handle and plastic front finish, it has 11 kg of net weight. It comes with a 1-year warranty. One of the products unique selling points include the fact that it saves energy without taking away from the performance.

Panini 20M Solo Black Microwave: Another elegant design by the orient, this microwave is available in black color with black painted cabinet finish and white painted cavity coating. It has 5 power levels and saves a lot of energy keeping in check your electricity bills. Other features include child safety lock and analog control type. This beautiful microwave is not only efficient and convenient to use but it is also spacious. It also has remarkable baking abilities making sure that the food is cooked to perfection. With a net weight of 11 kg, It comes with a 1-year official warranty.

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