Homage Microwave Price in Pakistan - Latest Jul, 2024 Prices

Homage Microwave prices start from Rs. 20,200 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Homage 28 Litres Microwave Oven Hdg-282b With Grill 900 Watts, Homage 62 Litres Microwave Oven Hdso-620sb 1200 Watts, Homage Microwave Oven HDG 282B 28 Litres Grill Included Defrost System Special Edition, and Homage Microwave Oven HDSO 2018.

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Homage Microwave - Price Summary

Model Price
Homage 28 Litres Microwave Oven Hdg-282b With Grill 900 Watts Rs. 31,000
Homage 62 Litres Microwave Oven Hdso-620sb 1200 Watts Rs. 50,100
Homage Microwave Oven HDG 282B 28 Litres Grill Included Defrost System Special Edition Rs. 40,200
Homage Microwave Oven HDSO 2018 Rs. 21,100
Homage Microwave Oven 451S Rs. 45,300
Homage Microwave Oven 620SB Rs. 52,600
Homage 34 Litres Microwave Oven Hdg-342s With Grill 900 Watts Rs. 34,200
Homage Microwave Oven Hdg 201 S - 20 Litres - Defrost Function Rs. 23,900
Homage Microwave Oven HDG 201S Rs. 24,900
Homage 20 Litres Microwave Oven Hdso-2018w & 700 Watts Rs. 20,200

Homage is one of the leading brands in the home appliances industry of Pakistan. Founded in 2007, Homage has expanded its products line up. It has various service centers spread across the whole country. Homage offers a variety of electronics and power appliances including generators, microwave ovens, inverters, water dispensers, and solar panels.

Homage microwave ovens are high power microwave ovens that assist you in cooking, defrosting and baking. The pre-set auto-menu programs make life easy and comfortable. Homage offers a wide range of microwave ovens that are reliable and affordable.

Following are the types of Homage Microwave Ovens:

Classic Microwave Oven: This type of microwave oven from Homage is a basic level oven with features of 700 watts microwave power, 20 liters capacity, 5 micropower levels, defrost setting, easy open glass door, and large glass turntable. If you are looking for an entry-level microwave oven, this is one of the best affordable microwaves you can consider.

Microwave Oven with Grill: This is another microwave oven offered by Homage that comes with 20-45 liters capacity, defrost setting, microwave+grill combination, easy open glass door, large glass turntable, weight & time defrost setting, clock/preset, and easytronic control for quick setting of operations.

Built-in Electric Oven: Homage built-in Electric oven features a large capacity of 65 liters, 8 functions, Enamel oven interior, Forced cooling system, Digital control with the pop-up knob, oven lamp, removable door plate, stainless steel cavity & steel door frame, molded rock support with 5 shelf positions, and 3 layer door that protects from the heat with viewing window. It also comes with accessories of 1 pc grill rack and 1 pc oil collector.

Built-in Microwave Oven: This microwave oven from Homage comes with amazing features of microwave power 900 watts, grill power 1100 watts, convection power 2500 watts, 28 liters capacity, digital display, stainless steel cavity, child safety lock, defrost by weight or time, delay protection electronic clock, interior light, and four type combine cooking.

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