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A father from Lahore is taking his son to court for constantly talking to girls on phone in Ramadan

The father wants the court to stop his son from gossiping with girls all night

In one of the most bizarre and unusual complaints in the history of Pakistan, a father is taking his son to a district court in Lahore to resolve a personal fight over his son ‘talking to girls late in the night’ in the month of Ramadan.

According to the father, a resident of Lahore, he has been trying to stop his son for several months but without any luck, he had no choice but to take the personal matter to one of the courts in the city.

The son, regularly stays in touch with girls all night on his smartphone and continues to do so in Ramadan which angered the father.

The father tried on many occasions to stop his son from his habit but he did not budge. The fact that Irfan did not stop with his habit even in the month of Ramadan escalated the matter between the two.

Upon asking his son to give his cellphone away to him, Irfan outrightly refused which strengthen the doubts of the father and after absolutely no luck, he went to the Shahdara Police to file an FIR against his son for disobeying his orders.

But the Police denied filing the FIR which has caused the father to reach out to courts. Reportedly, he has asked the court to order the SHO to file the FIR against his son Irfan.

The court will hear the matter soon.

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Written by Ali

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