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Want to import a mobile phone from AliExpress?

You might have seen some really cool phones on AliExpress, the price is perfect, everything looks so perfect, but how to order a phone from AliExpress in Pakistan? It’s not that simple, I will share my personal experience with complete details. I ordered two phones from AliExpress

  • Xiaomi Redmi note 3
  • Redmi 3

I ordered these phones in 2016, when these phones were not available in Pakistan. I had no idea about the NOC, and custom taxes. To import any phone, you need a NOC from PTA, and you have to pay custom taxes. The seller/AliExpress is not responsible for the custom, so make sure you keep this cost in mind.

Redmi Note 3

Redmi Note 3 was just released and I was in love with the phone, so I ordered one using my Standard Chartered Visa card, and used DHL as a shipping method. I was hoping that I will have the phone with me in a week, but it took around 30-35 days. The DHL charged ~6000 – ~7000 for custom taxes and custom clearance, which was totally unexpected. If you are importing a phone, I would not recommend DHL as a shipping method. It was almost 9000 extra just for importing a phone to Pakistan.

Phone Price : $215 (~22,500 Pkrs)

DHL shipping cost : $19 (~2,000 Pkrs)

Cost with with DHL shipping : $234 (~24,500 Pkrs)

Cost after custom and DHL clearance charges : ~30,000 – ~31,000 Pkrs

Received my phone after 30 days

Redmi 3

This time I had some experience this time, I had already ordered lots of things from AliExpress. I used standard shipping as a shipping method. It took me 35 days to receive a phone, but this time the cost was less than DHL, and the overall experience was much better. I had to pay only 1500 as custom changes for my Xiaomi Redmi 3.

Phone Price: $121.99 (~13,000 Pkrs)

Cost after custom taxes : ~14,500 Pkrs

Received my phone after 35 days

Custom Taxes

If you choose DHL, you cannot negotiate and they will clear the phone and send you the bill. If you select standard shipping, you will have go to Pakistan Post and negotiate with the guy sitting there, so the cost depends on your negotiation skills, but you should expect something between 1500-2500. Also, they calculate the custom based on price on box, so if the price on box is high, you will have to pay a little extra.

How to get a NOC from PTA

You have to register at and provide the following details following details along with a scanned copy of your CNIC and courier/shipping letter

  • Name
  • Cnic
  • Contact number
  • Address
  • Product
  • Imei
  • Airway / Courier number
  • Quantity

You will receive the NOC from PTA by TCS within 1-2 weeks, usually it’s within a week.

The complete process

  1. Order a phone using your VISA debit/credit card. – I have used Standard chartered, UBL wiz card, and MCB lite card without any problem.
  2. Wait for the letter. You will receive the letter from your shipping company, or Pakistan Post.
  3. Once you receive a letter, register an account on, and send request with scanned copy of your documents.
  4. Once you receive the NOC, give a copy of that NOC to your shipping company. If you have selected Standard shipping, go to Pakistan Post and give them the NOC, they will give you the phone right away after paying custom taxes. If you have selected DHL or any other method, your phone will be delivered to your home within a week.
  5. Don’t forget to show off your new phone.

What do you think?

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  1. Same thing also happened with me.
    My father ordered Doggee Shoot 2 after several weeks, post office sended a letter saying that we should have NOC for the mobile phone and which can only be taken from PTA office. For NOC you will also need IMEI number of th mobile set. Custom fees is 20% of the price of mobile. My father was so angry. #Worst Experience

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