Haier AC Price in Pakistan - Latest Apr, 2024 Prices

Haier Air Conditioners prices start from Rs. 68,500 in Pakistan. Haier prices have gone up 2% online in the last 30 days. Common products available in Pakistan are Haier HSU-12CFCM Turbo Cool Non-Inverter AC - 1 Ton, Haier HSU-12LFCB Cool Only DC Inverter AC - 1 Ton, Haier HSU-18CFCM Turbo Cool Non-Inverter AC- 1.5 Ton, and Haier HSU-18LFCB Cool Only DC Inverter AC - 1.5 Ton.

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Haier AC - Price Summary

Model Price
Haier HSU-12CFCM Turbo Cool Non-Inverter AC - 1 Ton Rs. 68,500
Haier HSU-12LFCB Cool Only DC Inverter AC - 1 Ton Rs. 81,500
Haier HSU-18CFCM Turbo Cool Non-Inverter AC- 1.5 Ton Rs. 85,000
Haier HSU-18LFCB Cool Only DC Inverter AC - 1.5 Ton Rs. 99,200
Haier Triple-Inverter AC - 1.5 Ton Rs. 100,999
Haier Triple-Inverter AC - 1 Ton Rs. 109,700
Haier 24LTC AC - 2 Ton Rs. 110,000
Haier HSU-12HFP Pearl DC Inverter AC - 1 Ton Rs. 130,000
Haier HSU-12HFMAC Marvel DC Inverter AC - 1 Ton Rs. 131,999
Haier HSU-12HJ Puri Inverter AC - 1 Ton Rs. 149,999

Haier is a thirty-five years old international brand that took a deliberate start from the Chines market. Today Haier appliances are found all over Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East, and North America. With a total of 108 manufacturing plants, 10 R&D centers, 24 industrial parks, and 66 marketing centers worldwide. Haier has won over 170 world-class industrial design awards and was listed in the world’s top 500 brands in 2018.

Haier holds an overall 32% market share in Pakistan, with its manufacturing plant located in the Haier Industrial park in Lahore. Haier comprises 3000 dealerships and widespread sales shops spreading throughout the country. Haier with the help of a strong network of people provides its customers with after-sales support, maintenance, and well-trained technicians. Haier manufactures a wide variety of home appliances, where here we will be looking into some of its Air-Conditioning appliances in detail description.

Not only that, Haier places a strong and unwavering emphasis on user convenience and control. Many of their air conditioning units come equipped with intelligent capabilities, such as Wi-Fi connectivity and compatibility with smart home systems. This empowers users to exercise precise control over their air conditioners from the convenience of their smartphones, ensuring that the indoor climate remains meticulously regulated, whether they are present on-site or away. This marriage of technology and user-centric design offers a seamless and effortless experience. Additionally, Haier air conditioners often incorporate an array of thoughtful features, including sleep modes for optimized nighttime comfort, timer functions for scheduled operation, and air quality sensors, which contribute to a safer and more comfortable living or working environment.

Past their dedication to energy efficiency and user-centric features, Haier's commitment to quality and innovation extends into the realm of air purification. A select number of their air conditioners are equipped with integrated air purifiers, designed to filter allergens, pollutants, and particulate matter from the indoor air. This not only ensures a more comfortable and healthier indoor atmosphere but also serves as a robust response to the growing concern for indoor air quality, a topic of increasing significance in recent times.

Haier's air conditioners have effectively made a  prominent position in the market due to their unmatched focus on energy efficiency, advanced technology, and a user-friendly approach. With a steadfast commitment to sustainability, comfort, and air quality, Haier remains the trusted and preferred choice for individuals and businesses seeking reliable, efficient, and environmentally responsible cooling solutions. Haier's remarkable ability to fuse cutting-edge technology with thoughtful user-centric design ensures that their air conditioning products stand at the vanguard of the industry, continually adapting to meet the evolving needs of consumers and actively contributing to a more energy-efficient, comfortable, and environmentally friendly future.

Latest Haier Series/Models

In recent times, Haier put out a diverse range of air conditioning products created to meet a wide spectrum of cooling needs. These offerings included qualities such as ductless mini-split systems, window air conditioners, portable air conditioners, smart air conditioners, and models featuring innovative inverter technology and air purification capabilities.

Haier Smart Air Conditioners: Haier's commitment to technology integration was also evident in their newer smart air conditioner models. These air conditioners could be controlled remotely via smartphones, offering users the convenience of adjusting settings from anywhere. Some models were also compatible with smart home systems, allowing for seamless integration into the wider home automation ecosystem.

Haier Inverter Technology: In 2023, Haier's air conditioners incorporated even more inverter technology as compared to previous years. This was a hallmark of energy efficiency. This innovative feature allowed the compressor to operate at variable speeds, ensuring precise temperature control and significantly reducing energy consumption. As a result, users experienced lower electricity bills and contributed to a more sustainable approach to cooling and climate control.

Haier Ductless Mini-Split Series: Haier's ductless mini-split series is an amazing choice for those seeking flexible and zoned cooling solutions. These systems were pretty much designed for both residential and commercial applications, letting users to customize climate control in different areas of their buildings. With efficient cooling and heating capabilities, they offered a versatile and energy-efficient solution.

Haier Portable Air Conditioners: Portable air conditioners by Haier were designed with the intentions of providing customers with mobility and ease of installation. These units were ideal for cooling individual rooms and provided a convenient solution, particularly for renters or those who preferred not to make permanent installations. They were compact and effective in maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures.

Haier Air Purification Models: As a response to the growing concern for indoor air quality, Haier introduced air conditioners with integrated air purification systems. These models were designed to filter allergens, pollutants, and particulate matter from the indoor air, ensuring a healthier and more comfortable living or working environment. This feature addressed a pressing need for cleaner indoor air, especially in recent times.

Haier UV Inverter: This series is considered high-end and packed with some of the most advanced features. In 2023, Airborne viruses are a significant safety risk in Pakistan, and You cannot do much about it. Still, Haier's UV sterilization cleans the air and provides safe and healthy air quality. Controlling your AC in Pakistan is not limited to a remote in 2023; thanks to Haier's smart air conditioners, you can now control your ac from anywhere with the help of wifi from anywhere. The cheapest Haier UV inverter AC in Pakistan is  PKR 106,000.

Thunder Inverter: In 2023 Haier's thunder inverter is supposed to be one of the hero models by Haier in Pakistan. Distinctive features like Hyper PCB set the inverter apart from the competition. Electricity cost is a prominent issue in Pakistan in 2023; Haier's real T3 inverter is very energy-efficient by not compromising performance at the same time. The lowest price for Haier Thunder inverter AC is PKR 102,212.

Puri Inverter: Running an inverter AC during load-shedding is a challenging task, but thanks to Haier's ups-enabled technology now, in case of a power outage, your room would still be chilled with a puri inverter. Haier's puri inverter saves you from the nuisance of cleaning your AC from time to time; this puri inverter is smart enough to clean itself. 1.5 Ton Haier Puri inverter AC is available at PKR 152,000.

The Newly Launched Solar Hybrid AC By Haier : The 2023 iteration of Haier's 1.5 Ton Solar AC Hybrid DC inverter presents a remarkable innovation in air conditioning technology. It predominantly harnesses solar power during daylight hours, ensuring energy efficiency and reducing reliance on conventional grid electricity. However, its versatility shines through as it seamlessly switches to grid power when faced with low light conditions, be it in the evening or during the night.

This cutting-edge Haier hybrid model is an attractive option for those seeking both eco-friendliness and cost-effective cooling solutions. What sets it apart is its ability to operate on a variable wattage scale, consuming electricity within the range of 396 to 1982 watts. This means that you have the flexibility to adjust its power consumption based on your needs and available solar energy.

A significant advantage of this Haier Solar AC is its streamlined setup. To run this 1.5 Ton air conditioner, you only need four 540-watt solar panels. This simplicity eliminates the need for additional components like inverters, batteries, or UPS systems between the solar panels and the AC unit, making it an efficient and hassle-free choice for solar-powered cooling.

Furthermore, the Haier Solar AC prioritizes eco-friendliness, contributing to a greener environment. It does not offer a heating function, focusing solely on providing efficient and effective cooling. This makes it an ideal choice for regions where cooling is a primary concern, and the need for heating is limited.

This solar system offers an exceptional blend of cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency. Its low initial investment and the absence of an extra inverter simplify installation and reduce expenses. With an impressive EER rating of 4.1, it ensures maximum energy utilization, resulting in substantial savings over time.

Smart Inverter HSU-18HFCA/022WUSDC(G): Haier Air conditioner HSU-18HFCA/022WUSDC(G) comes with the latest smart and cool features that make life easier. These features include a smart WIFI configuration system, therefore making it easier for customers to connect and control their AC through their phones with the help of a WIFI connection. Another feature comprises the one-touch cleaning system whereby the dirt accumulated on the surface of the evaporator that could possibly facilitate bacterial growth can be removed with a build-in defrosting system.

Moreover, this particular AC unit is in-built with a turbo cooling as well as a heating facility to provide comfort in all seasons. The installation of the Haier Smart Inverter HSU-18HFCA/022WUSDC(G) is efficient, convenient, and fast saving up to 50% installation time and 80% maintenance time. With an Inverter plus UPS system, it can operate with regular 220V power mode if the voltage drops to 0V it switches to UPS mode automatically for low-frequency operation.

Clean Inverter HSU-18HFAA/012USDC(B): The Haier Clean Inverter HSU-18HFAA/012USDC(B) comes with an A-PAM (Pulse Amplitude Modulation) technology that reduces the loss of electricity and increases the efficiency of operation. In addition, it comes with a 46 ͦ C Full BTU and 18000 BTU turbo cooling and heating facility. It also has one-touch clean technology avoiding bacterial contamination in the air, and easy installation service as well as UPS inverter technology for continuous operation throughout the day. The total weight is 1.5 tons with a fixed DC inverter and air circulation of 900 m3/hour. The indoor noise varies from 39-47 dB(A) and its outdoor noise reaches 55dB(A) which is safe for human exposure. Last but not least due to its power efficiency features the Haier Clean Inverter HSU-18HFAA/012USDC(B) operates from 320 – 1682 Watts for cooling and from 320 – 1667 Watts for heating purposes.

DC Inverter HSU-12SGF/012UDC(G): The Haier DC Inverter HSU-12SGF/012UDC(G) is built-in with features like an exquisite dust filter that enables the accumulation of dust particles as part of the process. Due to this feature, the dust accumulated does not settle on the evaporator coils making it less efficient to absorb and cool air. Moreover, this model type also comes with a strong airflow feature that can be used to save energy instead of cooling air it acts as an indoor stagnant fan. In addition, there is a turbo cooling and heating unit to facilitate comfort in different seasons. This unit model takes up 320 – 1440 Watts of power with a running current of 1.45 – 6.50 Amperes providing a 650 m3/hour of air circulation. Other than that it also comes with a built-in feature of one-touch cleaning technology and a UPS enable technology to provide continuous operation at all times. With a weight of 1 ton, it poses a hidden LED display and can be easily wall-mounted.

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