Kenwood AC Price in Pakistan - Latest Jul, 2024 Prices

Kenwood Air Conditioners prices start from Rs. 117,900 in Pakistan. Kenwood prices have gone down 34% online in the last 30 days. Common products available in Pakistan are Kenwood KES-1239S eSupreme Inverter AC - 1 Ton, Kenwood KES-1839S eSupreme Inverter AC - 1.5 Ton, Kenwood KET-1228S E-Tech Inverter split 60% Inverter 1.Ton (Heat & Cool only) Air Conditioner, and Kenwood EImperial Cool Only Floor Standing Air Conditioner 2 Ton (KEI-2441F).

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Kenwood AC - Price Summary

Model Price
Kenwood KES-1239S eSupreme Inverter AC - 1 Ton Rs. 135,000
Kenwood KES-1839S eSupreme Inverter AC - 1.5 Ton Rs. 152,000
Kenwood KET-1228S E-Tech Inverter split 60% Inverter 1.Ton (Heat & Cool only) Air Conditioner Rs. 135,000
Kenwood EImperial Cool Only Floor Standing Air Conditioner 2 Ton (KEI-2441F) Rs. 320,000
Kenwood eImperial 2.0 Ton Cool Only Floor Standing AC (KEI-2430F) Rs. 159,600
Kenwood EImperial Floor Standing AC R22,T3 Compressor KEI-2442 FH Rs. 171,600
Kenwood EImperial Heat & Cool Floor Standing Air Conditioner 4.0 Ton (KEI-4841FH) Rs. 288,000
Kenwood EInverter Premier Heat & Cool Inverter Floor Standing Air Conditioner 2.0 Ton (KEI-2444FHI) Rs. 380,000
Kenwood eInverter Floor Standing Air Conditioner 4 Ton (KER-4844FHI) Rs. 539,000
Kenwood Freedom 2.0 Ton Cool Only Floor Standing AC (KEF-2440F) Rs. 260,000

Founded in 1947, Kenwood is a Japanese company that manufactures and sells washing machines, air conditioners, microwaves, and refrigerators. It is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

Kenwood Air conditioners have won a cult status among Pakistani people by providing the right solution for cooling homes and offices. These ACs are energy efficient resulting in decreased electricity bills and are packed with innovative features and DC inverter technology.

Types of Kenwood Air Conditioners:

Kenwood Air conditioners come in three types:

1. Split AC:

These ACs come with the feature of Turbo Cool technology that provides cooling even when it is too much hot outside. Due to their auto-restart and auto-clean functions, they are user-friendly. They use R410 gas for cooling. Other features of this series include both heat & cool functions and filter cleaning warning. Some of the ACs from this series include elcon, eGrande plus, eAmore, and eGrande.

2. Floor Standing AC:

These ACs are built for huge spaces and power throw. Therefore they are the best option for cooling your home, office, or any living space. Floor standing ACs feature 100% copper tube technology and golden fins. Copper tube technology prevents rusting and a powerful air throw enables these ACs to blow air to 20m long distance. Hence the room is cooled in no time. These AC's also have both cooling and heating options. Some of Floor-standing ACs from Kenwood include eFreedom, eFortune, eEssence, eMarvel, eImperial, eInverter premier, and eElement.

3. Kenwood Split Inverter AC:

These ACs feature intelligent technology, anti-fungal, auto-clean function, hot &cold options, 100%copper pipe, and efficient operation. Intelligent technology enables users to control their ACs from their smartphones. The anti-fungal function provides a clean environment. Copper pipe makes these ACs rust-free. Even at low voltage, these ACs provide efficient cooling. This series includes eSleek, eOptima, eSmart, and eInverter Pro.

Following are the popular Air Conditioners offered by Kenwood:

i. eSmart:

This AC from Kenwood has a cooling capacity of up to 1.5 tons and is a highly efficient split AC. This AC can be operated from a smartphone. Its features include a 5-year warranty, antifungal function, 75% energy efficiency, long-distance air throw, heat and cool technology, even airflow, and instant cooling.

ii. elcon Plus:

elcon Plus has a cooling capacity of up to 2 tons. The Cool turbo function ensures instant room cooling. Its features include a 3-year warranty, heat and cool technology, automatic start function, long-distance air throw, sleep mode, and instant cooling.

iii. eEco Plus:

This AC from Kenwood has a cooling capacity of up to 2 tons. It has an elegant design that makes your interior more attractive. 4D airflow technology makes cooling uniform and instant and anti-fungal features keep the environment clean and healthy. It is available in different color options so you can choose the one you like. Other features include a 5-year warranty, 75% energy efficiency, instant cooling, low voltage operation, and heat & cool technology.

iv. eTech:

It comes with cooling capacities of 1 and 1.5 tons. Its unique, modern, and elegant design adds beauty to your living place. It saves energy up to 60%. 4D airflow ensures uniform and instant cooling. The antifungal function ensures that you always get clean and healthy air. Other features of this AC include automatic restart function, LES display, 5-year warranty, low voltage operation, sleep mode, antifungal function, long-distance airflow, instant cooling, and heat & cool technology.

v. ePrime Plus:

This AC from Kenwood has an elegant design to make your living space attractive and beautiful. Turbo Cool technology ensures instant cooling and the air is distributed uniformly throughout the room. Its basic features include instant room cooling, heat & cool technology, a 5-year warranty, up to 60% energy efficiency, automatic cleaning of air, and golden fins. serves as a directory/search engine to locate resources on the internet. The company names, product names, product images, and service names on this page are used for identification purposes only. This does not imply any kind of endorsement or affiliation.