Orient AC Price in Pakistan - Latest Aug, 2021 Prices

Orient Air Conditioners prices start from Rs. 46,000 in Pakistan. Orient prices have gone up 1% online in the last 30 days. Common products available in Pakistan are Orient Delta AC - 1 Ton, Orient Alpha AC - 1.5 Ton, Orient Jupiter DC Inverter AC - 1 Ton, and Orient Supreme DC Inverter AC - 1 Ton.

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Orient AC - Price Summary

Model Price
Orient Delta AC - 1 Ton Rs. 48,850
Orient Alpha AC - 1.5 Ton Rs. 58,750
Orient Jupiter DC Inverter AC - 1 Ton Rs. 63,499
Orient Supreme DC Inverter AC - 1 Ton Rs. 66,999
Orient Ultron Royal DC Inverter AC - 1 Ton Rs. 68,999
Orient Ultron Hyper DC Inverter AC - 1 Ton Rs. 69,999
Orient Supreme DC Inverter AC - 1.5 Ton Rs. 73,800
Orient Jupiter DC Inverter AC - 1.5 Ton Rs. 78,000
Orient Atlantic DC Inverter AC - 1.5 Ton Rs. 78,000
Orient Titan DC Inverter AC - 1.5 Ton Rs. 79,000

Orient is a home appliances brand that has been successful in bringing innovation in technology and to many homes in Pakistan. It manufactures and sells a wide variety of home appliances all across the country. According to the company’s mission, its aim is to bring in innovation along with excellence meanwhile ensuring a healthy and safe future for the current and coming generations.

Below are some of Orient's fresh Air Conditioners:

Orient Optima 1-ton DC Inverter Air Conditioner: This air-conditioner by orient has many features that make it worth its price. Its key features include inverter technology i.e. an energy-saving technology, low voltage operation along being eco-friendly and energy-efficient. It is appropriate for all seasons that take place in the country as it has both heating and cooling functions. It also makes sure that it provides its users with a noiseless environment hence adding to the peace. Orient also eases the installation process which includes free delivery and installation.

Orient Pioneer 1-ton DC Inverter Air Conditioner: Manufactured in a classy and sleek shade of white, this Air-conditioner by Orient includes features like DC inverter technology which speeds up both the heating and cooling processes and UPS and generator compatibility which helps it to operate during load shedding. With load shedding being a constant problem in summers, this is your go-to product if you want to spend the season peacefully. It operates on low voltage and has 4D airflow. It also comes with a lifetime compressor warranty and energy-saving function making the purchase cost-effective.

Orient Pioneer 1.5-ton DC Inverter Air Conditioner: Manufactured in a shade of white that is sophisticated and spotless, this air-conditioner is a thing of beauty. Although a bit high-priced, this product is energy efficient and saves money from your electricity bills making the overall purchase cost-effective. DC inverter technology speeds up both the heating and cooling processes. It also operates at low voltage and is compatible with generators and UPS safeguarding its users against load shedding which is a growing concern in the country. Along with this, it has 4D airflow and a lifetime compressor warranty.

Orient 1.5-ton Ultron Super Mirror Black DC Inverter: Manufactured in a sophisticated contrast of black and white with black as its front, this air-conditioner by Orient is a high-end beast. A little expensive but this product has many features that make it an overall cost-effective purchase. These key features include a beautiful and stainless mirror panel, electricity consumption management, schedule management along inverter technology suitable and appropriate for both heating and cooling purposes. Its high price is compensated by the fact that it saves up to 80% of the energy. This product comes with a 1-year official warranty.

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