Dawlance AC Price in Pakistan - Latest May, 2023 Prices

Dawlance Air Conditioners prices start from Rs. 22,499 in Pakistan. Dawlance prices have gone down 8% online in the last 30 days. Common products available in Pakistan are Dawlance Aura 15 Inverter - 1 Ton, Dawlance Econo 15 Inverter - 1 Ton, Dawlance Elegance 15 Inverter - 1 Ton, and Dawlance Mega T Plus 15 Inverter AC- 1 Ton.

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Dawlance AC - Price Summary

Model Price
Dawlance Aura 15 Inverter - 1 Ton Rs. 22,499
Dawlance Econo 15 Inverter - 1 Ton Rs. 87,500
Dawlance Elegance 15 Inverter - 1 Ton Rs. 89,500
Dawlance Mega T Plus 15 Inverter AC- 1 Ton Rs. 94,999
Dawlance Powercon 30 Inverter - 1.5 Ton Rs. 100,000
Dawlance Enercon 30 Inverter - 1.5 Ton Rs. 101,000
Dawlance LVS Pro 15 AC - 1 Ton Rs. 102,999
Dawlance Suave 30 Inverter - 1.5 Ton Rs. 103,499
Dawlance Econo 30 Inverter - 1.5 Ton Rs. 106,500
Dawlance LVS Plus 15 - 1 Ton Rs. 119,998

Air conditioners are the holy grail of warm Asian countries. You cannot go a day without Air conditioners in summers, especially in Pakistan. So it's very important to select a good air conditioner that lasts longer than most brands, is cost-efficient and most of all reliable. One such brand is Dawlance.

Dawlance has been in the market for over 40 years and through this entire time has gained the trust and interests of its consumers. Dawlance has built its strong reputation and dynamic using R&D and by coming up with new innovative appliances that intrigue people’s interests. Since 1980, Dawlance has been innovating homes with their appliances. Dawlance has over 21 production units, it has 19 research and development centers, and is based in over 140 countries with over 30,000 employees. Dawlance believes in promoting reliability through its appliances. Dawlance acquired ISO 9001 certification in 1990. If you're out on the market looking for good quality, cost-efficient, eco-friendly options for air conditioners Dawlance, will surely never disappoint you. Below listed are some of the best options on the market out of several by Dawlance.

Dawlance Enercon Split AC:

Most people go for Dawlance when it comes to inverter Air conditioners. The price of this inverter concerning its competitors is quite significant. Enercon is the best one in its series. It has a good aesthetically pleasing design with a black glass screen interface. This air conditioner can help you save up to 30000 rupees annually, which is huge. It provides robust cooling and has gold fins which make sure that the Air conditioner stays rust and corrosion-free. Enercon split Air conditioner inverter has a wide voltage range of 150-260 V as a low startup voltage. It has a high-efficiency tube which was not a part of the previous designs and models. This tube increases the heat transfer areas and ensures maximum cooling and heating performance. It has a warranty of 12 years which is a huge advantage considering it's a big investment. It is a 1.5 ton Air conditioner. This model is a great investment considering the long-term warranty and the inverter feature, so it won't only be used in the summers but will play its role during winters too.

Dawlance Elegance Inverter AC:

This is another amazing affordable Inverter air conditioner. Elegance is a one-ton air conditioner. The inner unit contains a cable, a remote, and the warranty card, rubbers, etc. It has a sleek white design for the inner unit made out of plastic. This model also has a 12-year warranty. Dawlance has used a hundred percent copper inside the unit that means it's durable. In terms of the outer unit, it also includes gold fins, meaning this is also safe from corrosion and rust. This is very similar to the Enercon air conditioner. The only difference is that it has typhoon air technology and Ati-F Feature.

Dawlance LVS PLUS GD 15:

If you think Dawlance only has inverter series air conditioners for you, you're mistaken. Dawlance not only has a wide range of inverter air conditioners but also has several regular air conditioners. One such model is the LVS PLUS GD 15, this model is covered in 100 percent copper tubing and has high-efficient compressors. It has a low voltage startup of about 150 volts. And in case the power goes out, it also has power outage memory. The inner unit is 770 mm long and 240 mm wide while the outer unit is 552 mm wide and 700mm long. It has an auto-restart and hidden display. It also has a sleep mode and multiple programming features that serve as a timer. The price of Dawlance LVS GD 15 is significantly moderate for a regular air conditioner with a good warranty.

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