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Dawlance Water Dispenser prices start from Rs. 16,500 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Dawlance WD-1060 Water Dispenser, Dawlance Bedroom Refrigerator 9109 Deluxe With Dispenser, Dawlance Water Dispenser - 5 Litres - WD 1051 - Black, and Dawlance Water Dispenser 5.1 Litres - WD 1060.

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Dawlance Water Dispenser - Price Summary

Model Price
Dawlance WD-1060 Water Dispenser Rs. 20,810
Dawlance Bedroom Refrigerator 9109 Deluxe With Dispenser Rs. 36,500
Dawlance Water Dispenser - 5 Litres - WD 1051 - Black Rs. 27,499
Dawlance Water Dispenser 5.1 Litres - WD 1060 Rs. 24,499
Dawlance Water Dispenser Silver (WD-1060) Rs. 19,000
Dawlance Water Dispenser - 5 Litres - WD 1051 - Silver Rs. 27,499
Dawlance WD1030 W Two Taps Water Dispenser White Rs. 16,500
Dawlance WD1030 W Water Dispenser White Rs. 16,500
Dawlance WD 1030 W Two Taps WATER DISPENSER White Rs. 16,500
Dawlance WD1040 Water Dispenser White Rs. 18,500

Dawlance is a Karachi based Pakistani brand, founded in 1989, and well known for its home appliances and electronics products. It is a subsidiary of Turkish company Arcelik. Dawlance is well known for its air conditioners, washing machines, and water dispensers.

Dawlance offers a wide range of water dispensers that are popular due to their 3-year compressor warranty and rust-free stainless steel tank. Dawlance water dispensers are durable and comply with 24 international standards. They allow us to enjoy clean, hot, cold, and normal water according to our needs. They usually come with a 3.5-liter water tank, a 20-liter refrigerator compartment, and a 1.6-liter hot water tank.
Types of Dawlance Water Dispensers:
Dawlance basically offers two types of water dispensers: two taps water dispenser and three taps water dispenser.
Dawlance Two Taps Water dispenser: This type of Dawlance water dispenser comes equipped with features like Low Noise design, two taps, stainless steel water tank, high-efficiency compressor cooling, and refrigerator cabinet. It includes protection from electrical shocks 570W power input hot water up to 90’C and much more. Moreover, It has a capacity of 6 liters. The added feature of the refrigerator cabinet is a great value for money. You can store medicine, food, bottles, and much more. Two taps are for cold & normal water, stainless steel water tank prevents rust and provides clean water every time. This durable water dispenser from Dawlance will definitely be a good addition to your living place.
Dawlance Three Taps water dispenser: Dawlance proudly introduces its European Export Quality range of water dispensers. It comes with a 17% bigger cold water tank, a 60% bigger hot water tank, a 40% bigger refrigerator portion, Modern Ergonomic Non-Glass Fascia, three taps, the stainless steel water tank, and 3 years compressor warranty. With an enlarged capacity for an extra serving, this is surely the best water dispenser in Pakistan. Stainless steel body gives a nice look along with the prevention of rust and provides clean water whenever you want. Besides cold and hot water taps, it also has a normal water tap. So, you can have water with exactly the temperature you need.

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