Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan - Latest Jul, 2024 Prices

Water Dispenser prices start from Rs. 9,000 in Pakistan. Water Dispenser prices have gone down 2% online in the last 30 days. Common products available in Pakistan are Orient Flare 3 Tap Water Dispenser, Orient Icon 3 Water Dispenser, Homage HWD-49332 3 Tap Water Dispenser, and Homage HWD-49331P Water Dispenser.

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Water Dispenser - Price Summary

Model Price
Orient Flare 3 Tap Water Dispenser Rs. 33,700
Orient Icon 3 Water Dispenser Rs. 33,800
Homage HWD-49332 3 Tap Water Dispenser Rs. 34,300
Homage HWD-49331P Water Dispenser Rs. 34,400
PEL PWD 215 Pearl Water Dispenser Rs. 36,849
Orient Crystal Glass Door 3 Tap Water Dispenser Rs. 38,999
Dawlance WD-1060 2 Tap Water Dispenser Rs. 39,100
PEL 525 Water Dispenser Rs. 42,999
Dawlance WD-1051 GD 3 Tap Water Dispenser Rs. 67,704

The water dispenser is a device that cools or heats up and dispenses water to provide clean, safe, and drinkable water when needed. It offers cold, hot, or moderate water according to one's desire. Previously, it was thought to be workplace equipment. But nowadays, it is no more an office equipment and used in homes as well.

As it also delivers hot water, you don't have to wait long when you need a cup of green tea or coffee.

Types of Water Dispensers:

Water dispensers are basically divided into two types:

  • Tabletop water dispensers
  • Floor standing water dispensers

Floor standing dispensers are further divided into the following two types based on the number of taps:

  • Two taps water dispensers
  • Three taps water dispensers

Following are the popular water dispensers in Pakistan:

PEL Water Dispenser:

PEL is one of the most popular water dispensers in Pakistan. It is the most reliable, durable, and affordable option to consider while buying a water dispenser. Moreover, it has the coolest refrigerator and a larger capacity. Its attractive colors and sleek & modern design make it a beautiful addition to your home or office.

PEL basic tabletop water dispenser features two taps for hot and cold water, front door, and child lock for protection of kids from any burns.

PEL Curv water dispenser has the best quality compressor, refrigerator compartment to store food, automatic thermostat, LVS, and stainless steel tank to avoid rust.

The third type of PEL water dispenser comes with a glass door mirror, refrigerator to store food, automatic thermostat to control the refrigerator's cooling system, LVS to allow working at 187V, rustproof stainless steel tank, and best quality compressor.

Homage Water Dispenser:

Homage has a wide range of water dispensers including two taps, three taps, a built-in refrigerator, and a glass door water dispenser. Homage water dispensers feature a child lock and a stainless steel water tank that makes them rust-free. They come in different color options to make your living area beautiful and attractive.

Homage Two taps water dispenser features two taps: cold and hot, a large tank capacity of 16-20 glasses of water, an elegant and stylish design, and a refrigerator cabinet to provide extra space for food storage. It also has a 1-year warranty and comes in different colors to choose from. Hot water tap can be turned off in summer.

Three taps water dispenser features three taps for cold, hot, and normal water, child lock to ensure child's safety, indicator LEDs, low noise design for a quieter experience, built-in refrigerator, a double safety device to prevent overheating, and a high-efficiency compressor.

Haier Water Dispenser:

These water dispensers are specially designed to cater to everyone's needs. They come in different sizes and types so that you can choose the one which suits you the best. Furthermore, they are affordable as well. Following are the types of Haier water dispensers:

  • Tabletop water dispenser
  • Floor standing water dispenser
  • Convertible Floor-standing/ tabletop water dispenser

Floor Standing water dispenser features hot and cold water taps with LED indicator lights, the refrigerator compartment for food storage, removable tray for easy cleanup, child safety hot water faucet, low water safety device, compressor cooling, and a thermostat to control water cooling.

The tabletop water dispenser is a combination of a mini-fridge and a water dispenser. It features LED indicator lights, a child lock for child protection, a removable shelf for organizing food, and a rustproof stainless steel body.

Haier convertible water dispenser can be used as floor standing as well as tabletop dispensers. Its features include a child safety lock, compact design, low water safety device, removable tray for easy cleaning, LED indicator lights, and refrigerator compartment.

Dawlance Water Dispenser:

Another popular brand offering water dispensers in Pakistan is Dawlance. These water dispensers come with a 3-year compressor warranty and stainless steel tank to prevent rust. Moreover, they are the only water dispensers in Pakistan that comply with 24 international dispensers. Dawlance offers two-taps and three-taps water dispensers.

Dawlance two taps water dispenser features two taps for cold and normal water, high-efficiency compressor cooling, refrigerator cabinet to store food and drinks, low noise design, large capacity of 6 liters, protection from electrical shocks, hot water up to 90 degrees, and a stainless steel tank to avoid rust.

The three taps water dispenser is a European export quality water dispenser that features a 60% bigger hot water tank, three taps, 3-year warranty, stainless steel tank, 17% bigger cold water tank, and much more. It provides clean water whenever you want.

Orient Water Dispenser:

Orient offers modern, stylish, and easy to use water dispensers. As these dispensers are designed for large volume usage, they can be installed in homes, offices, or any place where needed. They can chill water up to 11 degrees and heat water up to 90 degrees. Moreover, they are available in different attractive colors so you can choose the one you like.

Orient two taps water dispenser comes with features of a child safety lock to protect your kids from burns thermostat refrigerator, efficient compressor, two taps for hot & cold water, refrigerator compartment that allows you to store food, and low noise.

The three taps water dispenser features three taps for hot, cold & normal water, a cabinet with a fridge to store food, drinks, or even medicines, a child safety lock, and a thermostat. Orient three taps water dispenser also features a Precise temperature control system for maintaining temperature.

EcoStar Water Dispenser:

Another popular brand offering water dispensers in Pakistan is EcoStar. Its products are durable, reliable, and are made of high-quality materials, and provide instant hot or cold water whenever you need it. It offers two taps and three taps water dispensers.

The Two taps water dispenser features low noise design, compressor cooling, LED indicator, hot & cold water taps, refrigerator to store food, a capacity of 16 liters in refrigerator cabinet, slim & modern design, up to 95 degrees hot water, up to 5 degrees cold water, and overheat protection.

EcoStar three taps water dispenser features refrigerator cabinet for food storage, three taps for hot, cold, and normal water, compact design, energy-saving, elegant & modern design, 3.5 liters water tank, 16 liters refrigerator capacity, up to 5 degrees cold water, and up to 95 degrees hot water. It is an attractive addition to a home or office.

Geepas Water Dispenser:

Geepas is another popular brand in electronics. It offers high-quality tabletop as well as floor standing water dispensers with either two taps or three taps.

The tabletop water dispenser comes equipped with exciting features of a transparent water tank, indicator light, removable tray for easy cleaning and organizing food, beautiful & modern design, and hot water supply for tea or coffee in few seconds.

Geepas floor standing water dispenser is further divided into two types: two taps and three taps.

The two taps dispenser features two taps for hot & cold water, a refrigerator compartment, a durable tank, and a stylish design. It provides clean and pure water whenever you like.

The three-taps water dispenser comes with a refrigerator compartment for food storage, three taps, and a stainless steel water tank to avoid rust.

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