Orient Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan - Latest Jul, 2024 Prices

Orient Water Dispenser prices start from Rs. 31,100 in Pakistan. Orient prices have gone up 2% online in the last 30 days. Common products available in Pakistan are Orient Flare 3 Tap Water Dispenser, Orient Icon 3 Water Dispenser, Orient OWD 529, and Orient OWD 531.

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Orient Water Dispenser - Price Summary

Model Price
Orient Flare 3 Tap Water Dispenser Rs. 33,700
Orient Icon 3 Water Dispenser Rs. 33,800
Orient OWD 529 Rs. 34,649
Orient OWD 531 Rs. 36,309
Orient Crystal Glass Door 3 Tap Water Dispenser Rs. 38,999

Orient is a Pakistani brand, renowned for its Home Appliances products. It offers a wide range of electronics including Air Conditioners, LED TVs, Refrigerators, Microwave Ovens, Water Dispensers, and Washing Machines. This brand is also popular for its budget-friendly electronics.

Orient offers a good range of water dispensers that are both stylish and convenient to use. Orient water dispensers are built for large volume usage. Therefore, they can be installed in hospitals, schools, offices, and living spaces. New models of Orient water dispensers also include room temperature taps along with cold and hot water taps.

All models come with an accompanying refrigeration compartment to keep small food or liquid containers. Moreover, these water dispensers are available in different colors and designs and are capable of chilling water to 11 degrees cold and heating up to 90 degrees. No doubt, Orient water dispensers are one of the best water dispensers in the market today. 

Orient offers basically two types of water dispensers: water dispenser with two taps and water dispenser with three taps.

Orient Two Taps Water Dispenser: This type of Orient water dispenser features two taps, child safety lock, cabinet with fridge, hot & cold water, and thermostat refrigerator. With its efficient compressor, it maintains even temperature throughout and keeps the noise to a minimum level. You can also store food in its refrigerator cabinet and child lock ensures the safety of your children from burns.

Orient Three Taps Water Dispenser: This type of Orient water dispenser is designed to fulfill your daily water consumption needs. It comes with features of 3 taps, child safety lock, thermostat refrigerator, hot, cold and normal water, and cabinet with fridge. This dispenser not only gives you hot and cold water but gives you water at room temperature as well. It is a reliable, durable, and high-quality water dispenser from Orient. It also has a Precise Temperature Control System that allows you to access water at exactly the temperature you want and maintains it on that temperature for longer periods of time, even if the electricity is out.

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