Homage Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan - Latest Jul, 2024 Prices

Homage Water Dispenser prices start from Rs. 32,999 in Pakistan. Homage prices have gone up 1% online in the last 30 days. Common products available in Pakistan are Homage HWD-49332 3 Tap Water Dispenser, Homage HWD-49331P Water Dispenser, Homage 3 Tap With Refrigerator Hwd-49432g Glass Water Dispenser, and Homage 3 Taps Glass Door Water Dispenser Blue - HWD-49432.

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Homage Water Dispenser - Price Summary

Model Price
Homage HWD-49332 3 Tap Water Dispenser Rs. 33,999
Homage HWD-49331P Water Dispenser Rs. 34,400
Homage 3 Tap With Refrigerator Hwd-49432g Glass Water Dispenser Rs. 38,990
Homage 3 Taps Glass Door Water Dispenser Blue - HWD-49432 Rs. 37,000
Homage 49432 Water Dispenser With Official Warranty Rs. 39,999
Homage 3 Taps Water Dispenser Blue (HWD-49432 G) Rs. 80,850
Homage 3 Tap Water Dispenser HWD-49332 3WT Rs. 36,400
Homage Single Tap With Refrigerator Cabinet Hwd-49332p Plastic Water Dispenser Rs. 35,890
Homage HWD 49332 Plastic Body Water Dispenser With Official Warranty Rs. 36,399
Homage Single Tap With Refrigerator Cabinet Hwd-49332p Plastic Water Dispenser Rs. 35,990

Homage is a leading brand in the power and home appliances industry of Pakistan. Founded in 2007, Homage has not only expanded its products line up but it also has 24 official service centers all across the country. Homage power appliances include solar panels, generators, microwave ovens, inverters, and water dispensers.

Homage has a huge line up of water dispensers including two taps, three taps, a glass door, and a built-in fridge water dispenser. Along with this, homage water dispensers come in different color options including maroon, red, white, black, and gold so that you can choose from a variety of colors to make them an attractive addition to the room or office space. Moreover, these dispensers also feature child lock and stainless steel water tank. Homage water dispensers are of high quality, are reliable, and affordable. So, they are definitely one of the best water dispensers of Pakistan.

Homage offers two main types of water dispensers with two taps and three taps.

Homage Two Taps Water Dispenser: This type of water dispenser comes with two taps, cold and hot. It is very elegantly designed to give a stylish look. The tank capacity is quite large, so it can produce 16 to 20 glass of water. It also has a refrigerator cabinet to store your food or liquid. Moreover, it comes in different colors and has a 1-year official warranty. With basic two taps models, you can simply turn off the hot water tap during summer and turn it back on when needed.

Homage Three Taps Water Dispenser: Homage three taps water dispenser comes equipped with features of three taps, low noise design, child safety lock, high-efficiency compressor cooling, indicator LEDs, and double safety device. Beside hot and cold water taps, it also has a room temperature water tap. The Child-lock feature ensures that your children will be protected from burns and Double Safety Device prevents overheating. With all of these features and built-in refrigerator, this water dispenser is a great option to consider for all of your water consumption needs.

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