Refrigerator Price in Pakistan - Latest May, 2024 Prices

Refrigerator prices start from Rs. 17,999 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Gaba National GNR-167 - Two Glass door Refrigerator - Golden (Brand Warranty), Haier HDF-545DD - Double Door Deep Freezer - 545 L - White, Orient - Diamond 200 PLANET BLACK - Top Mount Refrigerator - 200 L, and Orient - Diamond 470 Planet Black - Top Mount Refrigerator - 470ltr - 16cft.

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Refrigerator - Price Summary

Model Price
Gaba National GNR-167 - Two Glass door Refrigerator - Golden (Brand Warranty) Rs. 62,000
Haier HDF-545DD - Double Door Deep Freezer - 545 L - White Rs. 120,400
Orient - Diamond 200 PLANET BLACK - Top Mount Refrigerator - 200 L Rs. 36,999
Orient - Diamond 470 Planet Black - Top Mount Refrigerator - 470ltr - 16cft Rs. 58,199
Orient Ice 470 Hairline Chocolate Top Mount Refrigerator 470ltr 17cft Rs. 53,000
Orient Ice 500 Hairline Chocolate Top Mount Refrigerator 500ltr 18cft Rs. 53,200
Orient Ice 540 Hairline Silver Top Mount Refrigerator 540ltr 19cft Rs. 57,800
Orient Ice 540 Hairline Chocolate Top Mount Refrigerator 540ltr 19cft Rs. 57,800
Orient Diamond 410 Top Mount Refrigerator 410ltr 15cft Rs. 55,999
Orient Diamond 500 Top Mount Refrigerator 500ltr 18cft Rs. 64,999

Refrigerators are an essential appliance for all households, be it traditional or modern. Since we all experience the need to store food, preserve it, and retain its freshness for later use, refrigerators have attained an indispensable value in our daily lives. A keen understanding of both the functional and non-functional aspects and intense attention to detail possessed by modern engineers have yielded continuous improvements in technology and a plethora of new and interesting features in this seemingly dull vessel of food storage. Some of these new features include extensive cooling retention durations, bacteria and germs free air, powerful and controlled airflow, and anti-frost technology. Beyond the functional characteristics, non-functional sides such as power usage, design, and build quality have also seen significant improvements.

Numerous brands, both local and international, have contributed to bringing forth these innovations. Among these brands are Orient, Samsung, Gree, LG, Kenwood, Haier, Changhong Ruba, Hitachi, and Siemens, to name a few. 

Refrigerator prices in Pakistan vary depending on the brand and model you choose. The general rule is that the more features you add, the higher you climb in the price range. 


Haier is one of the leading appliance brands that has established a significant Pakistani customer-base by providing high-quality products and superior customer service. Haier primarily divides its products into four categories to support various consumer-needs. Haier Digital Inverter refrigerators can run on as low as 105V without stabilizer support and provide digital control features to set precise temperatures according to the food you have stored. The Turbo series is known for its super-fast cooling. They can freeze water in just an hour while saving 55% on energy costs. If you have trouble with cooling retention, the E-Star refrigerators can retain cooling up to 100 hours by hitting a minimum temperature of -25 degrees. For the best of all features, the Haier SBS series is a complete package that involves powerful cooling, an extended retention period, substantial cost-savings, and beautiful designs as well.


Samsung is a leading brand in the consumer electronics and appliances industry. Their success is a product of their continued commitment to a customer-oriented production strategy that focuses on solving customer’s needs and delivering maximum value. Samsung Refrigerators are high-end fridges that offer numerous features such as optimum humidity levels, instant cooling and freezing, uniform airflow, anti-bacterial mesh, and deodorizing filters. They also have a spacious build, easily-organizable compartments, eco-friendly compressors, and elegant designs. You can also integrate your Samsung Refrigerator into your Smart Home ecosystem and monitor your refrigerator through your Smart Phone by connecting it to a Smart Dongle. 


LG is a widely acclaimed multinational brand of South Korean origin for consumer electronics and appliances. It has grown to be a big name in the refrigerators’ market for its dedicated commitment to innovation and contemporary values. Their refrigerators are 35% faster than conventional refrigerators and provide even cooling with equal intensity at every corner. They also keep the air free from foul odors and bacteria while keeping the humidity and freshness at an optimum level. In case you want to start cooking right away after taking the food out of the refrigerator’ LG’s Fresh 0 Zone is your friend as it keeps the food free from frost. LG’s Inverter Linear Technology slashes energy consumption by 32% and boosts refrigerator lifespan by 20 years. To top it all off, they have a clean and elegant build with a wide variety of designs. 


GREE is another internationally recognized giant of major consumer electronics and appliances. It has integrated its manufacturing and support functions to achieve considerable growth and satisfied many customers in the process. GREE refrigerators a complete package of all the general features and a range of refrigerators to cater to the specialized needs. Their refrigerators can adjust temperature and moisture to present ideal conditions for food as per the Pakistani Climate. GREE has incorporated the state-of-the-art compressor, SECOP, in their refrigerators, which can run on as low as 125V and use R600a refrigerant that is completely harmless for the environment. Furthermore, you would like the scratch-less design, large compartments, and detachable anti-bacterial gaskets.


Hailing from our local manufacturing sector, Orient is a Pakistani appliance manufacturer that produces durable and sturdy fridges with high power-efficiency to provide you with the ultimate cost-savings in the long-run. They also offer UV light protection to kill all harmful micro-organisms and airborne germs to keep your food fresh and healthy for longer durations. Moreover, the detachable gasket and air-tight doors prevent any bacterial build-up. Orient Refrigerators have varying designs in multiple colors with both metallic and Glassdoor body. They are developed with heavy-duty stainless steel and food-friendly plastic and utilize CFC-free refrigerants to keep the environment protected.   


Siemens is a German multinational conglomerate with a diversified product line of appliances encompassing modern and smart fridges with trend-setting designs, frost-free technology, prolonged freshness, and premium quality. Siemens Refrigerators offer Hyper-Fresh drawers that can prevent any food by creating the perfect temperature and humidity and retain every bit of taste and nutrition in your fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy items. They leverage automatic defrosting cycles to curb frost and bright LEDs to illuminate every corner of the fridge. Their modern and sophisticated designs blend in harmoniously with your kitchen’s interior, and with the IoT Features, you can make your Siemens Refrigerator a part of your Smart Home Ecosystem. 


Hitachi is a Japanese brand of premium refrigerators that provide exceptional cooling and customizable temperature settings. Their refrigerators are large, easy to clean and organize, power-efficient, and have elegant designs. Their Selectable Mode Compartments can customize the temperature as per the food requirements, and the Nano Titanium Filter keeps the air healthy and pure to ensure prolonged freshness. The inside of Hitachi Refrigerators is quite spacious with large and detachable compartments, making them easy to clean and organize. In addition to all this, they also offer twist-ice-trays, water dispensers, instant ice-makers, and multiple design variants comprising of two-door, three-door, and Glassdoor bodies. 


Another well-established name in the kitchen home and home-appliances industry is Kenwood. They have a strong image of delivering innovation and comfort to their customers. Kenwood Refrigerators have a powerful cooling system that ensures uniform cooling in every corner and dedicated anti-bacterial and anti-fungal trays to keep your food and vitamin-rich. The detachability of the gaskets and drain trays prevents bacterial build-up and makes the refrigerator easy-to-clean. Kenwood Refrigerators incorporate German SECOP compressor with eco-friendly refrigerant gas and quiet operation to provide you with peace of mind and vinyl-coated Glassdoor bodies to please your aesthetics. 

Changhong Ruba

As a joint venture between Chinese and Pakistani manufacturers, Changhong Ruba develops and produces high-quality and affordable home appliances for Pakistani customers. They have a robust cooling system that can cut temperature up to -32 degrees Celsius and provide cooling that lasts up to 137 hours of a power outage. Changhong Ruba Refrigerators use highly efficient compressors that slash your electricity bill expenses by running on as low as 120V and use R600a refrigerant gas to keep the environment clean and healthy. They have smooth and shiny Glassdoor bodies that complement your kitchen’s interior and blend in harmoniously with the decor. 

Other Brands

Numerous other noteworthy names are also operating in the consumer appliances industry, such as Waves, Singer, Homage, etc., that are contributing to the market with brilliant products and affordable prices. Their refrigerators add value for customers with cool features like prolonged freshness and cooling-retention, powerful cooling mechanisms, ideal temperature setting, energy-efficient and eco-friendly compressors, simple yet elegant designs, smart technology, and much more. serves as a directory/search engine to locate resources on the internet. The company names, product names, product images, and service names on this page are used for identification purposes only. This does not imply any kind of endorsement or affiliation.