Kenwood Refrigerator Price in Pakistan - Latest May, 2021 Prices

Kenwood Refrigerator prices start from Rs. 39,900 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Kenwood 18 CFT Refrigerator Classic Series KRF-480-VCM-SHL, Kenwood 15 CFT Refrigerator Classic Series KRF-400-VCM-SHL, Kenwood Refrigerator Classic Series KRF-320-VCM-SHL, and Kenwood 13 CFT Refrigerator Persona Series KRF-320-GD-MRG.

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Kenwood Refrigerator - Price Summary

Model Price
Kenwood 18 CFT Refrigerator Classic Series KRF-480-VCM-SHL Rs. 60,388
Kenwood 15 CFT Refrigerator Classic Series KRF-400-VCM-SHL Rs. 49,750
Kenwood Refrigerator Classic Series KRF-320-VCM-SHL Rs. 43,600
Kenwood 13 CFT Refrigerator Persona Series KRF-320-GD-MRG Rs. 51,288
Kenwood KRF-280SS 11 Cuft Stainless Steel Refrigerator Rs. 48,080
Kenwood KRF-320 GD - 13 CFT Persona Glass Door Series Rs. 53,999
Kenwood KRF-480 GD - 18 CFT Persona Glass Door Series Rs. 70,499
Kenwood - Refrigerator -11CFT/311LTR KRF23357-280 VCM - Classic Series -Brown Classic Rs. 41,300
Kenwood - Refrigerator -11CFT/3.11LTER KRF23357 -280 GD - Persona Glass Door Series -BROWN Rs. 45,999
Kenwood - Refrigerator -13CFT/368.11LTR KRF-24457/320 VCM - Classic Series - Brown Classic Rs. 48,499

Kenwood is a British Home and Kitchen appliances manufacturer. They make and sell refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and a range of kitchen appliances. Their appliances add value to the lives of people by delivering innovation and convenience. Kenwood has a range of refrigerators to fulfill all your needs. Their refrigerators are made to deliver satisfaction, both in terms of performance and design.

Instant Cooling: Kenwood makes sure to keep your food preserved and vitamin-rich. Their super-fast cooling system cools the food in a very short time. They also offer multiple cooling systems to spread the cold air in every corner of your refrigerator. They offer instant ice cube makers that eliminate the need to separately freeze cubes, hence saving more space in the freezer compartment.

Ensures Freshness: Kenwood Refrigerators ensure the freshness of your food with dedicated vegetable trays and anti-fungal gaskets. The gaskets prevent the entrance of bacteria and fungi in the food storage and keep it in the natural state. Their refrigerators are also designed to prevent frost, thus retaining the delicious taste of your fruits and vegetables.

Easy-to-Clean: Kenwood takes special care of your safety and health. Their anti-fungal gaskets and compressor drain trays are detachable. You can conveniently remove them and reattach after a thorough cleaning. This will prevent any bacteria or germs to gather over the long-run.

Eco-Friendly: Kenwood Refrigerators use German quality SECOP compressors that keep your environment clean and peaceful. These compressors use eco-friendly R 600a refrigerant gas instead of hydrofluorocarbon, a greenhouse gas, which is toxic to the atmosphere. They are also very quiet in operation to give you a noise-less and peaceful experience.

Elegant Design: Kenwood Refrigerators are made to please you in every way. It offers both simplistic and flashy looks. They have classic refrigerators with vinyl coated or stainless steel bodies that are simply elegant. For more modern looks, they have aesthetically pleasing two-door and four-door and Glass-door refrigerators that are a reflection of excellence and modern design. serves as a directory/search engine to locate resources on the internet. The company names, product names, product images, and service names on this page are used for identification purposes only. This does not imply any kind of endorsement or affiliation.