PEL Refrigerators Price in Pakistan - Latest Jul, 2024 Prices

PEL Refrigerator prices start from Rs. 50,000 in Pakistan. PEL prices have gone down 1% online in the last 30 days. Common products available in Pakistan are PEL PEL PRGD-2000 Glass Door Refrigerator, Pel PRGD-2200 Glass Door Refrigerator, Pel Refrigerator Life Pro Series - 168 Liters Capacity -prlp 2000 Metallic Golden/grey - 10 Years Brand Warranty, and Pel Refrigerator Life Pro Series - 168 Liters Capacity -prlp 2000 Metallic Golden/grey - 10 Years Brand Warranty.

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PEL Refrigerators - Price Summary

Model Price
PEL PEL PRGD-2000 Glass Door Refrigerator Rs. 76,900
Pel PRGD-2200 Glass Door Refrigerator Rs. 81,000
Pel Refrigerator Life Pro Series - 168 Liters Capacity -prlp 2000 Metallic Golden/grey - 10 Years Brand Warranty Rs. 70,899
Pel Refrigerator Life Pro Series - 168 Liters Capacity -prlp 2000 Metallic Golden/grey - 10 Years Brand Warranty Rs. 70,899
Pel Refrigerator Life Pro Series - 260 Liters Capacity -prlp 2550 Metallic Golden/grey - 10 Years Brand Warranty Rs. 88,499
Pel Refrigerator Life Pro Series - 140 Liters Capacity -prlp 1400 Metallic Grey - 10 Years Brand Warranty Rs. 54,499
Pel Refrigerator Life Pro Series - 110 Liters Capacity -prlp 1100 Metallic Golden/grey - 10 Years Brand Warranty Rs. 50,900
Pel Refrigerator Glass Door Prism - 390 Liters Capacity -prgd 21850 Purple/grey/chocolate/maroon/blue - 10 Years Brand Warranty Rs. 122,999
Pel Refrigerator Glass Door Prism - 390 Liters Capacity -prgd 21850 Purple/grey/chocolate/maroon/blue - 10 Years Brand Warranty Rs. 122,999
Pel Ultra Inverteron Glass Door Refrigerator 22250 Gd Inverter With 10 Years Compressor Warranty Rs. 139,900

PEL is a Consumer Electronics and Power equipment brand that has been changing the lives of its customers through its innovative and modernistic products. It is a subsidiary of Saigol Group that is dedicated to evolving the daily lifestyle of Pakistanis through its amazing Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Deep Freezers, LED TVs, Water Dispensers, and Microwave Ovens. Keeping consumer welfare as a central approach, PEL has launched numerous refrigerators that combine innovative technology with modern design to provide an optimal experience.

Main Categories of PEL Refrigerators:

The three basic categories of PEL Refrigerators include:

PEL Glass Door Refrigerators:

Only two conventional models are available in this category of Pel refrigerators. PEL introduced New Cool Blast Technology with High-Speed Fan that provides extra cooling in Glass door refrigerators. Lumi Fresh Technology with LED light and High Deodorizer keeps your food fresh and odorless for many days. Another amazing feature of these refrigerators is Fast Freeze Technology for instant ice making. It makes ice only within 25 minutes. Its condenser with Purest Copper incredibly improves the refrigeration process.

PEL InverterOn Refrigerators:

Three products are available in this category including InverterOn Glass Door,  Ultra InverterOn Glass Door, and InverterOn PRINVO VCM Refrigerator. These inverter refrigerators operate with LVS (Low Voltage Startup) Technology that allows it to start even on 100V so that you can save an excellent amount of energy. The inverter refrigerators are equipped with Food Friendly Cabinet that provides you sufficient space for food preservation. These refrigerators can work easily on Solar Panels, Generators, and Ups by keeping their outstanding performance. InverterOn refrigerators are also built with High-Speed fans for rapid cooling and Fast Freeze Technology for instant ice making.

PEL Life Pro Refrigerators:

Life Pro Refrigerators again can be in two categories including Life Pro Double Door Refrigerator and Life Pro Room Series Single Door Refrigerator. These refrigerators have almost the same features as PEL Glass Door Refrigerators like Turbo Fan Technology for extra cooling that is specially designed for the environment of Pakistan, Fast Freeze Technology that makes ice rapidly, and Pure Copper Condenser that prevents rusting and enhances cooling performance. PEL Life Pro refrigerators also have a food-friendly cabinet like InverterOn refrigerators that give you enough space to preserve your food.

The main features of PEL Refrigerators :

Super-Fast Cooling: With PEL Refrigerator’s Fast Freeze feature, you can make ice in just 25 minutes. They also offer a High-Speed Fan that keeps your food cool and preserved all day long. This feature can also help you with your sudden plans to quickly cool down the food.

Retain Freshness: PEL Refrigerators make sure that your food remains fresh and healthy. The LUMI Fresh technology incorporated in PEL Refrigerators uses a special light to keep your food fresh and free from bacteria. PEL also provides ABS cabinets in their refrigerators that are made from food-friendly plastic that keeps your food safe and protected. If you get worried about the unpleasant smell of food from refrigerators, PEL also gives a Deodorizer feature that keeps your refrigerator fresh and free from any unpleasant smell.

Long-Lasting Experience: PEL Refrigerators use 99.9% pure Copper in their Condensers. Pure Copper enhances the refrigeration process and elongates the life of the condenser. PEL also gives a unique Tougher Services feature that ensures high maintenance and durability and enables the refrigerator to withstand heavy weights more efficiently.

Design and Body: PEL Refrigerators are designed to fit in. They offer a wide range of dimensions to choose from and you can select the one that fits in your kitchen. They have modern designs and a sleek body. They also offer a Glass Door series to please your aesthetic sense.

Summer 2023 is upon us, and you might want to review the prices of some of the Pel refrigerators. When purchasing refrigerators in Pakistan, PEL is one of the first names that comes to mind. Known for its exceptional quality, PEL has arguably the best-looking refrigerators in Pakistan, enhancing the looks of your kitchen. Customers adore the new blaze designs. 

Energy Efficiency: Apart from design and performance, an essential feature of a refrigerator is energy efficiency, especially in Pakistan, where electricity costs are ever-rising; PEL refrigerators are specially designed to provide maximum energy efficiency, saving electricity costs on a daily and monthly basis.

Solar Panel and Generator-Supported Refrigerators: Power outages are typical on summer days, and sometimes they take longer than expected; alternative energy sources are being used. These Pel refrigerators in 2023 are designed keeping that in mind and deliver seamless performance, so much so that you won't notice any difference in performance.

Pel being a local brand, Pel products are specially designed keeping Pakistani customers in mind, and the spending power of an average Pakistani customer has probably decreased in 2023; this is where PakistaniStores will come in handy because we will fetch out the best prices for Pel Refrigerators.

Pel ProLife series has one of the cheapest refrigerators available in 2023. The lowest price for a  Pel ProLife refrigerator is around PKR 42,000/- and the most affordable glass door refrigerator is around PKR 55,000/- in Pakistan. serves as a directory/search engine to locate resources on the internet. The company names, product names, product images, and service names on this page are used for identification purposes only. This does not imply any kind of endorsement or affiliation.