Homage Refrigerator Price in Pakistan - Latest Sep, 2023 Prices

Homage Refrigerator prices start from Rs. 32,500 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Homage 3 Tap With Refrigerator Hwd-49432g Glass Water Dispenser, Homage Freezer-on-Top Refrigerator 9 Cu FT Black (HRF-47222-VC), Homage 18 Cubic Feet 480 Liter Star Series HRF-47662 VCM with Energy Efficient 35% Refrigerator, and Homage Freezer-on-Top Refrigerator 9 Cu FT Black (HRF-47222-VC).

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Homage Refrigerator - Price Summary

Model Price
Homage 3 Tap With Refrigerator Hwd-49432g Glass Water Dispenser Rs. 40,000
Homage Freezer-on-Top Refrigerator 9 Cu FT Black (HRF-47222-VC) Rs. 68,400
Homage 18 Cubic Feet 480 Liter Star Series HRF-47662 VCM with Energy Efficient 35% Refrigerator Rs. 107,100
Homage Freezer-on-Top Refrigerator 9 Cu FT Black (HRF-47222-VC) Rs. 78,840
Homage Freezer-on-Top Refrigerator 13 Cu Ft Green (HRF-47442-GD) Rs. 101,700
Homage Freezer-on-Top Refrigerator 15 Cu Ft Maroon (HRF-47552-GD) Rs. 115,200
Homage Freezer-on-Top Refrigerator 18 Cu Ft Green (HRF-47662-GD) Rs. 124,200
Homage Refrigerator 9CFT 254LTR HRF-47222 GD Rs. 82,440
Homage Freezer-on-Top Refrigerator 11 Cu Ft Green (HRF-47332-GD) Rs. 90,900
Homage HRF-47442-GD Crystal Series Glass Door Refrigerator (13 Cuft) Rs. 109,800

Homage is a Pakistani brand of home, kitchen, and power appliances. Established in 2007, Homage has grown its business across Pakistan by continuing to provide new and innovative technology to consumers from the world of appliances. Homage trades two major home appliances; Air Conditioners and Refrigerators. Its refrigerators offer a complete package of functionality and design while maintaining a competitive edge, in terms of quality and price, over the market.

Retain Freshness for Longer Durations: Homage Refrigerators are made to retain the natural freshness of your food. They are equipped with a powerful fan that cools every corner of the compartment. You can adjust the temperature manually according to the contents of your refrigerator. They also have a 75mm thick insulation sheet to prevent heat-loss, thus preserving the fresh and delicious taste of your fruits and vegetables.

Protection from Bacteria and Fungi: Homage protects your health by shielding your food against dangerous germs and bacteria. Homage Refrigerator’s built-in Carbon Filters continuously clean the air inside your refrigerator by filtering out bacteria, germs, and any foul odor. Their Anti-Fungal detachable gasket not only prevents your food from fungi but can also be cleaned easily by removing it from the refrigerator. For a more natural environment, it uses UV Light to keeps your food fresh and nutritious.

Eco-Friendly and Efficient Compressor: Homage Refrigerators use a powerful compressor that uses copper coiling to save energy and prevent heat loss. These refrigerators can start on as low as 170V, thus saving up to 35% electricity compared to conventional refrigerators. Homage is a responsible brand and pays its contribution to the environment by using R600a refrigerant gas that is both efficient and environmentally-friendly.

Classic and Elegant Looks: Along with prestigious technology, Homage has a Classic and Elegant design that appeals to aesthetics. It also offers a smooth and scratchless Glass-door body for a more stunning look. Besides looks, its design is also large and wide to accommodate your needs and a door-lock for safety purposes.

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