Haier Refrigerators Price in Pakistan - Latest Jan, 2021 Prices

Latest Haier prices start from Rs. 19,999. Common models available in Pakistan are Haier Refrigerator HDF-405SD Chest Freezer, Haier Refrigerator HDF-385H Chest Freezer, Haier Refrigerator HDF-325H Chest Freezer and Haier Side-by-Side Refrigerator 17 cu. ft. (HRF-618WS).

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Haier Refrigerators Price in Pakistan - Latest Prices

Model Price
Haier Refrigerator HDF-405SD Chest Freezer Rs. 50,999
Haier Refrigerator HDF-385H Chest Freezer Rs. 46,999
Haier Refrigerator HDF-325H Chest Freezer Rs. 44,999
Haier Side-by-Side Refrigerator 17 cu. ft. (HRF-618WS) Rs. 138,914
Haier Freezer-On-Top Refrigerator 11 Cu Ft (HRF-216ECS) Rs. 35,056
Haier Freezer-On-Top Refrigerator 13 Cu Ft (HRF-398EBS) Rs. 51,999
Haier Freezer-on-Top Refrigerator 12 cu ft (HRF-368TDB) Rs. 57,329
Haier Side-by-Side Refrigerator 17.5 cu. ft. (HRF-618SS) Rs. 160,087
Haier Side-by-Side Refrigerator 17 cu ft (HRF-618GG) Rs. 172,357
Haier Inverter Refrigerator HDF-325I Chest Freezer Rs. 45,699

Haier is one of the leading brands of Consumer Electronics and Home appliances industry in Pakistan as well as the world. Since the company’s formation in 1984, it has continued to grow in terms of sales volume and revenues. Haier Pakistan has a strong sales network with 3000 dealerships spread across Pakistan. This is supported by a network of 5000 professionally strong customer service providers that supply timely and efficient after-sales services. Haier is a widely acclaimed brand of refrigerators that ranks No. 1 in Pakistan, catering to 60% of the refrigerator market in the country. Haier refrigerators mainly offer four categories; Digital Inverter, Turbo, E-Star, and SBS.

Digital Inverter: Haier’s Digital Inverter refrigerator is great at power saving as it is equipped with FD Inverter Technology and gives 105 to 260 voltage operation without any stabilizer support. Its extra-bright from inside as it has a full LED lighting system. With its Digital Control System, you can set the temperature yourself as per the contents of your refrigerator and your Haier refrigerator will ensure precise temperature with 4 sensors to keep your food cold and preserved.

Turbo: Haier’s Turbo series has super-fast cooling technology that freezes water in just one hour. It has One Touch Smart Control that lets you operate your refrigerator with just one touch. It keeps your food free and safe from bacteria with its Blue Turbo cooling system. It’s also quite economical and saves 55% of the energy consumed by a regular refrigerator.

E-Star: If you are tired of frequent power breakdowns, the Haier E-Star series has the best refrigerators for you. These refrigerators can retain cooling as well as ice up to 100 hours after electricity load shedding. They can achieve chilling temperatures of -25 degrees to help the cooling stay for longer periods. There is no need for a stabilizer with Haier E-Star, as they give 125 – 260 wide voltage tech. they are also quite reliable and give 10 years warranty on the compressor; the longest in Pakistan.

SBS: Haier SBS refrigerators provide has a slim and sleek design and a spacious build. They have a Digital Control panel that lets you easily navigate the temperature settings. They cool all the areas uniformly and without any frost. They are also quite energy efficient even with all the cooling sensors as they are equipped with Inverter technology.

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