Haier Refrigerators Price in Pakistan - Latest Apr, 2024 Prices

Haier Refrigerator prices start from Rs. 40,500 in Pakistan. Haier prices have gone down 1% online in the last 30 days. Common products available in Pakistan are Haier HRF-186 E Star Refrigerator, Haier HRF-216 EBS/EBD/EPG Refrigerator, Haier HRF-246EBS/EBD Refrigerator, and Haier HRF-368IFRA/IFPA/IFGA Digital Inverter Refrigerator.

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Haier Refrigerators - Price Summary

Model Price
Haier HRF-186 E Star Refrigerator Rs. 52,999
Haier HRF-216 EBS/EBD/EPG Refrigerator Rs. 62,510
Haier HRF-246EBS/EBD Refrigerator Rs. 67,999
Haier HRF-368IFRA/IFPA/IFGA Digital Inverter Refrigerator Rs. 111,999
Haier HRF-398IFRA/IFGA/IFPA Digital Inverter Refrigerator Rs. 116,500
Haier HRF-438IFGA/IFPA/IFRA Digital Inverter Refrigerator Rs. 119,500
Haier HRF-306IFRA/IFPA/IFGA Digital Inverter Refrigerator Rs. 119,999
Haier HRF-538-IFPA/IFGA Digital Inverter Refrigerator Rs. 132,999
Haier HRF-622IBG/ICG/IBS Side by Side Refrigerator Rs. 272,400
Haier HRF-578TBG Side By Side Refrigerator Rs. 302,400

Haier is one of the leading brands of Consumer Electronics and Home appliances industry in Pakistan as well as the world. Since the company’s formation in 1984, it has continued to grow in terms of sales volume and revenues. Haier Pakistan has a strong sales network with 3000 dealerships spread across Pakistan. This is supported by a network of 5000 professionally strong customer service providers that supply timely and efficient after-sales services. Haier is a widely acclaimed brand of refrigerators that ranks No. 1 in Pakistan, catering to 60% of the refrigerator market in the country. Haier refrigerators mainly offer these categories :

Digital Inverter: Haier’s Digital Inverter refrigerator is great at power saving as it is equipped with FD Inverter Technology and gives 105 to 260 voltage operation without any stabilizer support. Its extra-bright from inside as it has a full LED lighting system. With its Digital Control System, you can set the temperature yourself as per the contents of your refrigerator and your Haier refrigerator will ensure precise temperature with 4 sensors to keep your food cold and preserved.

Twin Inverter Refrigerator: The Haier twin inverter refrigerator is equipped with two inverter compressors that provide precise cooling control and adjust the compressor speed according to the load. This technology ensures efficient cooling, reduces energy consumption and minimizes noise levels. The bottom freezer design allows this refrigerator to easily access frequently used items without bending over. The freezer compartment is conveniently located at the bottom and the refrigerator compartment is located at eye level, making it easy to organize and access food and drinks. Haier twin inverter refrigerator works with a frost-free cooling system, so manual defrosting is not required. The refrigerator is equipped with an LED display panel and touch controls. Haier's twin inverter refrigerator is very energy efficient. This eco-friendly feature also helps reduce CO2 emissions. The refrigerator has a quick cooling mode and a quick freezing mode, which can quickly cool or freeze new ingredients. Vacation Mode feature allows you to save energy when you are away from home for long periods. When customers use this mode, the refrigerator will operate in power-saving mode to keep the food they need cold and fresh. 

Anti-Bacterial Inverter Refrigerator: Haier antibacterial inverter refrigerator adopts inverter technology, which adjusts the speed of the compressor according to customer cooling needs. This refrigerator is equipped with an antibacterial system that prevents the accumulation and growth of bacteria inside the refrigerator. Haier uses advanced filters and materials to inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms, ensuring food is fresh and safe to consume. Haier's antibacterial inverter refrigerator is designed to be energy efficient, allowing customers to save on electricity bills while protecting the environment. Inverter technology optimizes cooling performance and reduces power consumption. To avoid unnecessary energy loss and keep food safe, this refrigerator is equipped with a door alarm. It alerts customers if the refrigerator door is left open for a long time and maintains optimal cooling inside the refrigerator. Refrigerator shelves and compartments are designed to be leak-proof, making cleaning easier in case of accidental spills and keeping the refrigerator tidy. 

Detailed information about features may vary depending on the model selected, so be sure to find it in the specific model documentation or on the Haier website.

Across the board, Haier refrigerators offer a variety of alternatives to suit diverse fondness and budgets. With a priority on design, energy efficiency, cooling technology, and additional useful characteristics, Haier refrigerators are the ideal choice for anyone who wants a reliable and efficient cooling solution for their kitchen.

Turbo: Haier’s Turbo series has super-fast cooling technology that freezes water in just one hour. It has One Touch Smart Control that lets you operate your refrigerator with just one touch. It keeps your food free and safe from bacteria with its Blue Turbo cooling system. It’s also quite economical and saves 55% of the energy consumed by a regular refrigerator.

E-Star: If you are tired of frequent power breakdowns, the Haier E-Star series has the best refrigerators for you. These refrigerators can retain cooling as well as ice up to 100 hours after electricity load shedding. They can achieve chilling temperatures of -25 degrees to help the cooling stay for longer periods. There is no need for a stabilizer with Haier E-Star, as they give 125 – 260 wide voltage tech. they are also quite reliable and give 10 years warranty on the compressor; the longest in Pakistan.

SBS: Haier SBS refrigerators provide has a slim and sleek design and a spacious build. They have a Digital Control panel that lets you easily navigate the temperature settings. They cool all the areas uniformly and without any frost. They are also quite energy efficient even with all the cooling sensors as they are equipped with Inverter technology.

Summer 2023 in Pakistan will indicate a rise in demand for refrigerators. Before making your choice, please look at the extensive refrigerator collections by Haier equipped with some of the most advanced features. Pakistanistores will assist you with finding the prices and characteristics of some of the models available in 2023 by Haier :

Haier Smart Refrigerator: Haier's smart refrigerator is a next-gen refrigerator offering users more control than ever. This premium refrigerator by Haier takes food management to another level. Customized food storage lets to manage the food spacing as per your choice. Now you can set different temperatures in different areas of your refrigerator. The human induction sensor will only display the 21.5" screen when you are around. One of the groundbreaking features is visual food management; this feature gives you details about every food item in the store with its freshness level, also revealing the storage location at the same time. With all these incredible features, this intelligent refrigerator is available for PKR 502,000 in Pakistan.

Haier Side-by-Side Refrigerator: Haier SBS refrigerator could be the perfect refrigerator for you in 2023 in Pakistan. Haier SBS refrigerator is known for its large capacity. Twin Inverter technology means Haier's side-by-side refrigerator keeps the electricity bill in check because it is one of the most energy-efficient refrigerators in 2023. Haier SBS refrigerator delivers the most powerful performance quietly as there would be no irritating compressor noise. The price of a Haier Side by Side refrigerator in Pakistan is around PKR 115,400.

Haier T-Door Refrigerator: The all-new T-Door design lets you manage your food the way you want. Preserving food freshness defines how good a refrigerator is, and Haier T-Door does just that with its HCS (Humidity Control System), ensuring ultimate freshness all the time. An unpleasant smell in refrigerators is familiar, but not with Haier sterilization technology. The price of the cheapest T-Door Refrigerator is around PKR 192,000.

Haier offers a wide range of refrigerators with various designs, sizes, and attributes to meet the diverse needs of customers. 

Size and Capacity: Haier refrigerators come in a variety of capacities, from compact models for small apartments to large models for large households. They offer alternatives such as single-door, double-door models, and side-by-side models to suit diverse storage needs.

Design and Build Quality: Haier refrigerators feature an elegant, contemporary design that complements any kitchen decor. Made of long-lasting materials to provide durability and long-lasting performance. Doors are usually made of tempered glass or stainless steel, which adds to their aesthetic appeal. 

Cooling Technology: Haier refrigerators operate on progressive cooling technology to keep food fresh and hygienic. Most models attribute a multi-airflow system to evenly cool the entire refrigerator, preventing hot and cold spots. Several models allow independent temperature control of the freezer and refrigerator compartments. 

Energy Efficiency: Haier refrigerators are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They frequently come with an Energy Star rating, which infers that they fulfill or surpass industry criteria for energy consumption. Efficient compressors and insulation lower power consumption, saving money on utility bills. 

Storage Features: Haier refrigerators offer a variety of resourceful storage characteristics that boost convenience and organization. These incorporate bottle racks, adjustable shelves, crispers, and door compartments for storing various foods and containers. Some models feature special compartments to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer. 

Additional Features: Depending on the model, Haier refrigerators may offer diverse additional characteristics to enhance the user experience. These comprise LED lighting for boosted visibility, digital temperature controls, integrated water and ice dispensers, touch control panels, and even smart connectivity options for remote monitoring and control. 

Customer Satisfaction: Haier has prestige for delivering reliable, high-quality products. The company's refrigerators have received favorable reviews from consumers, praising their performance, durability, and value for money. Haier's after-sales assistance and support are also admiringly praised by clients. 

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