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Waves Singer Pakistan Limited is a manufacturer of premium home appliances and a well-known brand of light engineering products in the local industry. The company is divided into two brands; Waves and Singer. The portfolio of Waves includes Refrigerators, Deep Freezers, and Washing Machines. Waves is bringing value to its customers with its innovative products and high-quality. Waves Refrigerators are made to fulfill all your refrigeration needs at affordable prices and long-lasting quality.

Freshness Retention: Waves Refrigerators offer a wide range of Manually Adjustable temperatures to keep your food fresh and preserved. To prevent any leakage of cooling, Waves Refrigerators have air-tight cabinets that retain cooling even during power breakdowns. These cabinets also prevent the bacteria from infiltrating your refrigerator. It's anti-fungal door gaskets further strengthens the guard against bacteria and fungi to ensure optimal freshness of your fruits and vegetables.

Ideal Climate: Waves Refrigerators are made in accordance with the local needs of Pakistani consumers. They are the ideal choice for the Tropical climate of Pakistan because of their Tropical Class. They provide the optimal temperatures according to the climate and ensure a prolonged lifespan of your fridge. They also prevent the formation of frost on your fruits and vegetables with automatic defrosting.

Power-Efficiency: Waves Refrigerators are amazingly economical. They can run on voltages as low as 100 Volts and have 100% pure copper winding compressors. The pure copper saves you on electricity bills by giving high electrical energy efficiency and low heat generation.

Design: Waves Refrigerators have a stunning design that is aesthetically appealing. You can enjoy smooth and shiny Glassdoor and Checkered Glassdoor refrigerators or simple yet elegant design that blends in beautifully with your kitchen’s interior. Waves Refrigerators use a VCM sheet that enhances the laminating effects of your refrigerator’s design, making it look more smooth and vivid.

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