LG Refrigerator Price in Pakistan - Latest Jan, 2022 Prices

LG Refrigerator prices start from Rs. 64,900 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are LG 25 CFT Side by Side Refrigerator GR-B257SLLV, LG Slim French Door Refrigerator The Black (GC-Q22FTQKL), LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator The Black (GC-Q22FTBKL), and LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator Steel Gray (GC-Q22FTBKL).

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LG Refrigerator - Price Summary

Model Price
LG 25 CFT Side by Side Refrigerator GR-B257SLLV Rs. 310,000
LG Slim French Door Refrigerator The Black (GC-Q22FTQKL) Rs. 297,000
LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator The Black (GC-Q22FTBKL) Rs. 330,000
LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator Steel Gray (GC-Q22FTBKL) Rs. 330,000
LG GN-B502SQCL Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator Rs. 159,900
LG GR-B257SLLV Side by Side Refrigerator Rs. 329,999
LG Freezer-on-Top Refrigerator 12 Cu Ft White (GCS352SV) Rs. 66,000
LG GNB502SQCL Refrigerator Rs. 165,000
LG InstaView Door-In-Door Refrigerator GR-X247CSAV Rs. 380,000
LG InstaView Door-In-Door Refrigerator GR-X29FTQKL Rs. 403,000

LG Electronics is a multi-national brand of Home Appliances and Entertainment products. Originating from South Korea, this brand has grown to become a leader in the world of appliances and electronics. Through their strong conviction towards contemporary values and a never-ending commitment to innovation, they have transformed the lives of their customers.

Smart and Even Cooling: LG’s refrigerators are faster and more efficient than conventional refrigerators. Their Door Cooling feature throws powerful cold air that cools your refrigerator’s interior 35% faster than normal refrigerators. It also has multiple air vents on each shelf to cool every corner of the refrigerator with equal intensity. Temperature fluctuations are further curbed with the Linear Cooling feature that ensures even cooling any time of the day.

Fresh and Balanced Atmosphere: LG Refrigerators are engineered to provide the optimum level of freshness. The 5-Step Layered Hygiene Filter of LG keeps the air cleaned and free from any bacteria or foul odor. LG Refrigerators also balance the humidity in the air to the optimal level. It prevents the excess moisture from puddling around your food by evaporating and condensing it on a lattice-patterned box called Moist Balancer Crisper.

No Frost Interior: LG Refrigerator saves your time consumed for thawing the food by protecting you from frost. The temperature is controlled at 0 degrees in the Fresh 0 Zone of LG so you can start cooking directly after taking the food out of the refrigerator.

Inverter Linear Compressor: LG’s new Inverter Linear Compressor has made its refrigerators more affordable in the long-run. It saves 32% Energy compared to the conventional fridges and increases the life-span up to 20 years. Inverter Linear is a joint-free Compressor with a single friction point, hence it eliminates any unnecessary sound to give you a peaceful experience.

Modern and Convenient Design: LG Refrigerator’s innovation is not limited to functionality. It offers modern two-door, one-door, and side-by-side designs depending on your usage. Its smooth and sleek body looks simply beautiful and elegant. It has a minimalistic design and is optimized to accommodate as much food as you like. Some of its new models provide easy accessibility and prevent leakage of cold air with the door-in-door feature.

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