Dawlance Washing Machine Price in Pakistan - Latest May, 2024 Prices

Dawlance Washing Machine prices start from Rs. 16,500 in Pakistan. Dawlance prices have gone up 2% online in the last 30 days. Common products available in Pakistan are Dawlance Top Load Semi-Automatic Washing Machine WM-5100, Dawlance Spinner Washing Machine DW-6000, Dawlance Single Tub Washing Machine DW-6100, and Dawlance Semi-Automatic Washing Machine DS-6010.

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Dawlance Washing Machine - Price Summary

Model Price
Dawlance Top Load Semi-Automatic Washing Machine WM-5100 Rs. 16,500
Dawlance Spinner Washing Machine DW-6000 Rs. 19,619
Dawlance Single Tub Washing Machine DW-6100 Rs. 20,000
Dawlance Semi-Automatic Washing Machine DS-6010 Rs. 25,999
Dawlance Semi-Automatic Washing Machine DW-9200 Rs. 29,919
Dawlance DW-9100C Single Tub Washing Machine Rs. 32,000
Dawlance Semi-Automatic Washing Machine DW-7500 Rs. 42,669

Dawlance is a Karachi based Pakistani brand, founded in 1989, and well known for its home appliances and electronics products. It is a subsidiary of Turkish company Arcelik. Dawlance washing machines offer the latest Pro Fabric Drum technology and a long-lasting motor that can keep up with all your laundry day needs.

Following are the types of washing machines offered by Dawlance

Twin Tub Semi-Automatic washing Machine: Dawlance Twin tub semi-automatic washing machine comes with a strong motor having 10 years warranty. Shower rinse allows better stain removal and detergent dissolution. This machine has a compact design with a larger capacity. Stronger glass lid increases resistance to damage. Deep Waterfall technology allows better detergent mixing and foam formation for complete stain removal and Scratch-proof body does not let the damage get to you. This machine from Dawlance gives you all the convenience you need when doing laundry.

Top Loading Fully-Automatic Washing Machine: This Dawlance washing machine features a Larger capacity for a broad house, Glassdoor, LVS, Triple Waterfall technology, Extreme Plus Air Dryer, and Pro Fabric Drum. Dawlance LVS series brings a smarter option, so you can wash heavy loads without worrying about voltage fluctuations. You will get effective washing performance on as low as 150 volts along with a 38% saving of energy. It is suitable for medium soiled daily laundry and has a larger capacity with a compact design. Three waterfalls inside the tub help detergent penetrate deeper into the fabric providing complete stain removal. All the more, Pro fabric Drum gives soft rubbing for stains.

Front Loading Fully-Automatic Washing Machine: Dawlance Front Loading Washing Machine comes with embroidery care program, special algorithms for wool, 10 years warranty, and hygiene wash features. With delicate hand and other wash programs, it is perfect for washing embroidered fabric. The machine consumes optimal energy based on global energy standards and it washes your clothes at a high temperature for 99.9% hygienic results. It washes woolen clothes gently. Moreover, it provides drying through a heating mechanism while guaranteeing minimal energy consumption through the highest European standards.

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