EcoStar Washing Machine Price in Pakistan - Latest Jun, 2023 Prices

EcoStar Washing Machine prices start from Rs. 89,000 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are EcoStar Washing Machine Smart Touch EW-F9504DC, and ECOSTAR EW-F9502 DC FULLY AUTOMATIC WASHING MACHINE 9kg.

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EcoStar Washing Machine - Price Summary

Model Price
EcoStar Washing Machine Smart Touch EW-F9504DC Rs. 89,000

EcoStar is a well-known electronics brand in Pakistan. It manufactures a wide range of products including LED TV, water dispenser, air conditioners, washing machines along refrigerators. Its mission is to provide completely reliable and high-quality products to its customers expecting complete customer loyalty in return. Its parent company is DWP group which established EcoStar which has state of art facilities to facilitate its customers. 

EcoStar washing machines can be branched into two sections that include washers and twin tubs.

EcoStar WM-12600: It falls into the twin tub category and is manufactured and available in a classy shade of white. It has remarkable features including twin tubs, an unbreakable glass lid which has the strength of 90 kg in weight, and convenient handles which make it easier for the users to handle it even if they are beginners in terms of using washing machines. With dual water inlets and an A-grade ABS plastic body which is rustproof making it resistant to external irritants, this machine is lightweight and semi-automatic. Other than this, its features include durable triple grip knobs, soak function, duos storm pulsator and HIPS control panel. 

EcoStar WM-12-500: This Washing machine by EcoStar is available for 20,500 PKR. Manufactured in a shade of white with blue lids/covers, this product is from the twin tub series and has many features to look out for. These features include a twin tub, dual water supply selector, multi wash settings, and durable grip knobs. Apart from this, it has an A grade plastic body which is rustproof protecting it against external irritants. With 12 kg of washing capacity, it has overload protection safeguarding it against overloading. It also has a powerful pulsator and buzzer making the purchase worth its price. 

EcoStar SD 09-300W: This product by EcoStar is from the spin dryer series. Available in 10,900 PKR, it is manufactured in contrasting shades of white and blue with white being the body’s color and blue being the lid’s color. It is not only economical but it also has features to look out for. These features include a spin dryer, compact size, water inlet for rinse, durable grip knobs, and overload protection. It also has an A-grade plastic body that is protected against external irritants such as rust.

EcoStar WM 12-400W: Available in 13,900 PKR, this washing machine is manufactured in white color with a blue lid. It is from the washer series and has features that make it worth the price. These features include multi wash settings, overload protection, buzzer, and A-grade plastic body. serves as a directory/search engine to locate resources on the internet. The company names, product names, product images, and service names on this page are used for identification purposes only. This does not imply any kind of endorsement or affiliation.