Haier Washing Machine Price in Pakistan - Latest Jun, 2024 Prices

Haier Washing Machine prices start from Rs. 18,499 in Pakistan. Haier prices have gone down 1% online in the last 30 days. Common products available in Pakistan are Haier Top Load Spinner HWS-60-50, Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine HWM 80-35, Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine HWM 80-50, and Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine HWM 80-60.

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Haier Washing Machine - Price Summary

Model Price
Haier Top Load Spinner HWS-60-50 Rs. 18,499
Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine HWM 80-35 Rs. 20,499
Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine HWM 80-50 Rs. 20,999
Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine HWM 80-60 Rs. 23,700
Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine HWM 120-35FF Rs. 26,794
Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine HWM 75AS Rs. 29,999
Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine HWM 100AS Rs. 33,495
Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine HTM 80-186 Rs. 36,999
Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine HWM 100BS Rs. 41,000
Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine HWM 120AS Rs. 53,000

Haier Pakistan is a consumer electronics and home appliances company in Pakistan. It was established in 2000 and it is a subsidiary of the Chinese multinational group Haier.  Haier washing machines are popular among people for inspired living.

Following are the washing machine series offered by Haier:

Top Load Washing Machines:

Top load washing machines are further divided into two types

Fully-Automatic Top-loading Washing Machine: Haier’s fully automatic washing machine features Oceanus Wave Drum, Double magic filter, Deep Clean Pulsator, 8 wash programs, Near-Zero pressure, Jet Steam technology, and much more. Oceanus Drum provides a stronger water flow, Double Magic filter helps remove the lint, Deep Clean Pulsator provides a powerful motion, and Jet Steam Engine allows water to spurt out from below and above to provide 4-way uniform washing.

Semi-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine: The Haier Semi Automatic washing machine has two different wash programs to ensure a safe and customized wash for every fabric type. It features a rust-free cabinet, two wash programs, Cross pulsator, Spray technology, Magic filter, and Wind Dry technology. With Cross pulsator, it creates a strong spin for stronger water flow and hence better quality wash. This is also gentle on delicate clothes like silk, chiffon, and lace. Spray technology provides better cleaning while minimizing foam. Magic filter helps remove the lint and wind dry technology helps remove excess water and moisture from clothes making it easier and faster to dry clothes.

Front-Load Fully-Automatic Washing Machines:

This washing machine is equipped with an inverter motor which makes the noise level low and also helps in saving energy. Near-Zero Pressure technology ensures that your wash process does not stop due to low water pressure. It comes with 16 wash programs which makes it suitable for all fabric material. A child lock system ensures that you can wash clothes with peace of mind. Moreover, its touch LCD, super silent wash cycle, large capacity, energy-saving, and anti-bacterial technology make it a perfect choice for modern and easy living.

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