Orient Washing Machine Price in Pakistan - Latest Jun, 2024 Prices

Orient Washing Machine prices start from Rs. 54,500 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Orient Twister 1150 10 Kg Metallic Grey Washing Machine, and Orient Twister 1350 12 Kg Metallic Grey Washing Machine.

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Orient Washing Machine - Price Summary

Model Price
Orient Twister 1150 10 Kg Metallic Grey Washing Machine Rs. 54,500
Orient Twister 1350 12 Kg Metallic Grey Washing Machine Rs. 67,000

Orient is a Pakistani brand, renowned for its Home Appliances products. It offers a wide range of electronics including Air Conditioners, LED TVs, Refrigerators, Microwave Ovens, Water Dispensers, and Washing Machines. This brand is also popular for its budget-friendly electronics.

Orient washing machines are efficient, easy to operate, and come with many innovative features such as program selection, magic cleaning filter, wash mode, rinse mode, child lock, delay start, power-off memory, auto-balance, self-diagnostic and much more. These washing machines are available in different colors, designs, sizes, and sets of functions, so customers can have every option at their disposal.

Orient offers following two major types of washing machines:

Orient Fully-Automatic Washing Machines: Orient fully-automatic washing machines come with features like adjustable legs, magic filter, and air drying, so that this machine will be your durable, highly functioning, and customized laundry partner. It features proper power supply and different capacities for washing and spinning ranging from 6 to 12 kg, hence you can wash more clothes in each turn. LED displays provide easy operation. As it is a fully automatic washing machine, so you can sit back and relax while the machine will clean the laundry itself. It utilizes very low voltage saving your electricity as well.

Orient Semi-Automatic Washing Machine: This type of washing machine from Orient features program selection, transparent lid, rust-proof body, spin air dry, and magic cleaning filter. It selects preset programming to cater to various types of washing procedures. It has a plastic body that is perfect for avoiding rust, therefore it increases the life-span of the washing machine. Magic cleaning filter helps prevent soap and lint buildup in the drum or tub and also keeps it off the clothes. The machine collects the residues in the filter which can be easily cleaned. Transparent lid design provides convenience to check the laundry’s status and with a unique cover design, water can be easily removed from the fabric by the inner wind cycle, hence improving the drying effect. All the more, this washing machine comes with different washing capacities ranging from 8 kg to 12 kg so that you can select the best suiting washing machine according to your family needs.

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