Westpoint Washing Machine Price in Pakistan - Latest Jun, 2024 Prices

Westpoint Washing Machine prices start from Rs. 22,900 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Westpoint Single Tub Semi-Automatic Washing Machine WF-1017, and Westpoint SIngle Tub Semi Automatic Washing Machine WF-1017.

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Westpoint Washing Machine - Price Summary

Model Price
Westpoint Single Tub Semi-Automatic Washing Machine WF-1017 Rs. 22,900
Westpoint SIngle Tub Semi Automatic Washing Machine WF-1017 Rs. 22,900

Westpoint is one of the best brands in home appliances. Its appliances are nothing short of perfection, in terms of quality and durability as well. Westpoint offers a good range of washing machines consisting of Semi-automatic washing machine, Fully-automatic washing machine, Double tub glass cover washing machine, and Single tub transparent cover washing machines.

Following are the types of washing machines offered by Westpoint.

Front Loading Fully-Automatic Washing Machine: It is the most popular type of washing machine offered by Westpoint. It comes with features of the latest motor technology, latest control technology, and low energy consumption. Its new models are equipped with a special door with a deluxe appearance that provides super large space for clothes washing and facilitates disposable washing of mass clothes. The program will be started after the preset time over. Users can take advantage of the preset function to wash clothes at any time and enjoy life in a leisure manner. It also has a child lock and LED display.

Top Loading Fully-Automatic Washing Machine: The Westpoint top loading washing machine can automatically detect the out-of-balance condition during the laundry process and re-arrange to ensure the normal washing process. It helps to prevent lint buildup and keeps the lint off the clothes and it is easy to clean hence making the tub clear. 

Twin Tube semi-Automatic Washing Machine: Westpoint Twin Tube has a unique cover design, the water can be easily taken from clothes by the inner wind cycle. The big impeller and the small one complement each other and result in various directions of water flow to prevent the clothes entangled. It gives you a soft and shiny laundry experience. Moreover, it has a full plastic body. So, it is rustproof.

Single Tub Semi-Automatic Washing machine: This type of Westpoint washing machine comes with a single tub and is easy to use. Strong motor promises high durability and efficiency to take a heavy load. Low noise technology makes this machine more desirable. It is designed to make sure your clothes are cleaned to the point of perfection.

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