Microwave Oven Price in Pakistan - Latest Mar, 2024 Prices

Microwave prices start from Rs. 7,650 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Dawlance Solo Microwave Oven 62 Liters DW-162 HZP, Dawlance Convection Microwave Oven 25 Liters DW-115 CHZP, Dawlance-Microwave-DW-136 G, and Dawlance Microwave DW 115 CHZP 25 Liters Convection/ Baking Series.

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Microwave Oven - Price Summary

Model Price
Dawlance Solo Microwave Oven 62 Liters DW-162 HZP Rs. 63,000
Dawlance Convection Microwave Oven 25 Liters DW-115 CHZP Rs. 53,000
Dawlance-Microwave-DW-136 G Rs. 38,700
Dawlance Microwave DW 115 CHZP 25 Liters Convection/ Baking Series Rs. 47,000
Dawlance Cooking Series Microwave Oven 30 Ltr (Dw-132-S) Rs. 36,500
Dawlance Microwave Oven DW131 HP 30 Liters Silver Black DW-131 Rs. 40,999
Haier Microwave Oven - 32100EGB Rs. 18,599
Sanford Electric Oven 18 Liters 1280W SF-3600EO Rs. 28,350
West Point Deluxe Rotisserie Oven With Kebab Grill 24 Liters 1380W WF-2310RK Rs. 18,900
West Point Deluxe Hot Plate Electric Cooktop WF-271 Rs. 7,650

Microwave ovens have become a necessity when it comes to household electronic items in the country. Every household has a microwave and the electronic brands are manufacturing different quality products every year so it is no surprise that microwaves are available in every quality and price level. 

Well known and reliable brands of microwave in Pakistan include Dawlance, Haier, Orient, Pel, Westpoint, Philips as well as Enviro. 


Dawlance microwaves are available at prices as high as 40,000 PKR and as low as 12,000 PKR. Dawlance microwave oven DW-259C is available in 25,500 PKR. Along with the brand warranty, this product has features that include 5 power levels for cooking, a child lock to protect children around this electronic product, a capacity of 25 liters, a power output of 990W, and 260 built-in recipes from all over the world which helps the users in making delicious and healthy recipes of their choice. If you are looking for a microwave that is not only reliable but is also affordable then Dawlance 20L Cooking series microwave oven DW-295 is the answer. Available in price as low as 12,000 PKR, this product is available in a classy shade of silver. With 7 built-in recipes and a child safety lock to protect the children around the product, it is also energy-efficient making sure that the bills do not overburden the users which makes it a cost-effective purchase. Dawlance DW-MD10 is available in 11,999 PKR. With an oven capacity of 20 liters and a power of 700W, this product is manufactured in black. It has 6 power levels and mechanical rotary controls, as well as quick, defrost capabilities which saves a lot of time that defrosting usually takes. With dimensions of 454 (w) x 330 (d) x 262 (h), this microwave by Dawlance comes with a brand warranty. Dawlance microwave 295 is available in 13,999 PKR. It is safe to say that it is one of the most stylish products of the brand. Manufactured in a shade of silver, this product has 20 liters’ oven capacity, a power output of 700W as well as digital/jog wheel controls. This product claims to be long lasting and one that requires low maintenance making it a cost-effective purchase. With dimensions of 458 (w) x 360 (d) x 291 (h), it also has a grill function that requires the rated input power of 1000W. Other than this it has 5 microwave power settings as well as mechanical rotary controls. 


Orient microwave ovens are available at prices as low as 8,000 PKR and as high as 18,000 PKR. Orient 20 Liter macaroni microwave oven is available in 8,999 PKR. Along with being highly affordable, this product has features to look out for. It is spacious, energy-efficient as well as has analog control type and brand warranty. Orient 62-liter microwave oven steak 62D solo is available in 19,600 PKR. This microwave is manufactured in black shade and has features that include digital control type, 5 level cooking, child safety lock to protect children around it, and auto cooking. It is also energy efficient and has an elegant finishing and beautiful design. 

West Point:

West point is a well-known electronic brand in Pakistan. It is available at prices as high as 20,000 PKR and as low as 8,000 PKR. West point WF-841- microwave oven with grill is available in 17,299 PKR. Manufactured in a stylish and sleek design, this microwave is available in a classy shade of black. It has a brand warranty along with a digital grill which helps its users take advantage of the grilling facilities within the product. This makes it a 2-in-1 microwave. With 25 liters of size, West point WF-841- microwave oven with grill consumes 2500 watts of power. West point WF-2310 RK-Rotisserie oven and kebab grill is available in 10,500 PKR. This microwave by West point is manufactured in two distinct colors i.e. silver and black. Along with a brand warranty, this product has features to look out for including 1300 watts of power and 220-240V of voltage. As the name suggests, this product is ideal for toasting, roasting, baking as well as grilling. It has a specific function specially designed for grilling which is known as the rotisserie function. This function helps the users to grill one full chicken. The other function that it has which helps with making kebabs, hotdogs as well as grilling cubed meat is known as the kebab function. West point WF-1800 R-Rotisserie oven is available in 9,990 PKR. This microwave is manufactured in a sophisticated shade of black and has featured which makes it worth its price. These features include 1200 watts of power, 220-240V of voltage along with the size of 18 liters. As the name of the product suggests, it is perfect for grilling as well as making kebabs and BBQ, thanks to its rotisserie function. Despite having advanced features, this product is still easy to use and convenient for all users whether they are professionals or not. A large number of food items can be heated without affecting their texture or taste. West point oven toaster WF-4500RKC convection rotisserie oven with kebab toaster grill is available in 15,490 PKR. Manufactured in a classy shade of black, this oven has a capacity of 45 liters. As the name suggests, this oven does not only heats and toasts your food items but also helps you bake, grill, and roast a large number of flavorful and healthy recipes. Another remarkable feature that it has is that the grill is nonstick making the process of grilling effortless. This product comes with a 2-year brand warranty.


PEL is an electronic brand in Pakistan that manufactures a wide range of appliances including microwave ovens. It is available at prices as high as 20,000 PKR and as low as 7,000 PKR. PEL PMO-23 Desire series is available in 15,999 PKR. It is manufactured in multicolor including contrasting shades of black and white as well as red and black. With a 23-liter oven capacity and net weight of 15kgs, this product has many features to look out for including a full-function digital panel along with a grill function that allows its users to grill delicious and healthy recipes according to their taste. It has a rated output power of 900W and a rated input power of 1400W. with a voltage of 230-240V, this microwave by PEL has 50Hz of microwave frequency. PEL Glamour Microwave is available in 14,999 PKR. This microwave oven is manufactured in silver and black color. With 30-liter of oven capacity, it also has a grill function that assists its users in grilling and can grill up to one full chicken. PEL convection 25 Microwave oven is available in 18,900 PKR. Along with being the only brand in Pakistan that provides up to 2 years’ magnetron warranty, this microwave by PEL has many features to look out for which help to make sure that the consumers are not at loss. These features include uniform heating which helps to make the temperature throughout the food uniform, express cooking which basically refers to the sensor technology which lets the users set the appropriate temperature, time as well as weight of the serving. It also has multiple power levels, grill function as well as pizza plate function which is a portable pizza surface that makes it extremely convenient to make pizza at home.

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