Washing Machine Price in Pakistan - Latest Jul, 2024 Prices

Washing Machine prices start from Rs. 9,495 in Pakistan. Washing Machine prices have gone down 4% online in the last 30 days. Common products available in Pakistan are Haier Top Load Spinner HWS-60-50, Dawlance Spinner Washing Machine DW-6000, Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine HWM 80-35, and Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine HWM 80-50.

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Washing Machine - Price Summary

Model Price
Haier Top Load Spinner HWS-60-50 Rs. 18,499
Dawlance Spinner Washing Machine DW-6000 Rs. 19,619
Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine HWM 80-35 Rs. 20,499
Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine HWM 80-50 Rs. 22,148
Dawlance Single Tub Washing Machine DW-6100 Rs. 23,739
Kenwood Semi Automatic Washing Machine KWM-899 Rs. 24,000
Kenwood Semi Automatic Washing Machine KWM-899W Rs. 25,000
Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine HWM 120-35FF Rs. 26,794
Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine HWM 80-60 Rs. 28,000
Dawlance Semi-Automatic Washing Machine DW-9200 Rs. 29,919

With the advancement of technology, performing household chores have become easier and faster. One of the most common tasks in the home is doing laundry. So, washing machines have become a part of every home as they allow to wash clothes effortlessly in lesser time. 
Now, there are different types of washing machines available in the market today including: 

  • Fully-automatic front-loading washing machines 
  • Fully-automatic top-loading washing machines 
  • Semi-Automatic top-loading Twin tub washing machines 
  • Semi-Automatic Single Tub washing machines 
Fully Automatic Washing Machines: 
It is the most popular type of washing machine today. It is further classified into two types: front-loading and top-loading washing machines. This type of washing machine does all the work of the washing and drying process by itself. The user only has to set the time for wash, rinse and spin cycles and then press the start button. In the front-loading washing machine, you have to put the clothes from the front while in top-loading, you will put the clothes from the top into the tub.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machines:

A semi-automatic washing machine is either a twin tub or a single tub. Twin tub has two tubs; one for washing and the other for drying. After the washing process, you have to put out the clothes from the washer drum, rinse, and then transfer them to the dryer tub for the drying process. The semi-automatic washing machine takes less time and water than a fully automatic washing machine. Following are the popular washing machines available in Pakistan:

Dawlance Washing Machine:

One of the most popular brands offering washing machines in Pakistan is Dawlance. Its washing machines feature Pro Fabric Drum technology and a long-lasting motor to fulfill all your laundry day needs. Dawlance Semi-Automatic washing machine features a shower rinse to ensure better stain removal, a strong motor, compact design, larger capacity, stronger glass lid, Deep Waterfall technology, and a scratch-proof body. Its top load fully automatic washing machine comes equipped with LVS, Triple waterfall technology, glass door, and Pro Fabric drum to ensure soft rubbing. It provides a great washing experience with a 38% saving of energy. Dawlance front load washing machine features hygiene wash, embroidery care program, and 10 years warranty. It ensures minimum energy consumption. Moreover, it gives 99.9% hygienic results.

Haier Washing Machine:

Haier offers a wide range of washing machines including Fully Automatic Front loading and top-loading machines and semi-automatic top-loading washing machine. Haier's Fully automatic top load washing machine comes equipped with an Oceanus wave drum for stronger water flow, 8 wash programs, jet steam technology for 4-way uniform washing, and a double magic filter for removal of lint. Its front load washing machine features an inverter motor for a quieter experience, Near-zero pressure technology, 16 wash programs to suit all types of clothes, child lock, touch LCD, anti-bacterial technology, energy-saving, and larger capacity. The semi-Automatic washing machine comes with a rust-free cabinet, spray technology for better cleaning, Wind dry technology to remove excess water, a Magic filter to remove the lint, and a cross pulsator for a better washing experience.

LG Washing Machine:

LG washing machines are popular due to their stylish, sleek, and modern designs. LG Fully automatic top load washing machine features a smart inverter motor, connection with Smart ThinQ app to know the problem, turbo drum for a powerful wash, and Tub Clean to avoid any unpleasant smell. A semi-automatic washing machine from LG comes equipped with an Air Dry feature, plastic cover with rat repellent chemical, 3 wash programs for different fabrics, spin shower, and lint filter to collect the lint. The front-load washing machine features a waterproof touch panel, stainless steel tub, auto-restart function, 6 Motion Direct Drive technology to get the clothes ultra-clean, and low noise.

Kenwood Washing Machines:

Kenwood is a popular brand among Pakistani people offering affordable and durable washing machines. Its washing machines come in different types and designs so you can select one that suits your needs. Types of Kenwood washing machines are

  • Fully-automatic washing machine
  • Semi-automatic twin tub washing machine
  • Semi-automatic single tub washing machine.

Kenwood Fully Automatic washing machines feature Spin Air Dry, 8 wash programs to suit different types of clothes, child lock, and magic filters to remove the lint. These washing machines have made the laundry process an easier task as they do all of the work of washing and drying by themselves when we set the time and press the start button. Kenwood Semi-Automatic washing machines are either twin tub or a single tub. Twin tub washing machines further have two series: cyclone wash series and turbo wash series. These machines feature a capacity of 10 kg, rustproof body, double layer body, big spin tub, and double inlets. Single tub semi-automatic washing machines further have hydro wash series an. Hydro spin series. These machines come equipped with a quick wash cycle and a child lock.

Orient Washing Machine:

Orient washing machines come with features of the program selection, rinse mode, child lock, power-off memory, magic cleaning filter, and delay start. Furthermore, they are available in different colors, sizes, and designs. Orient offers two types of washing machines: • Fully Automatic washing machine • Semi-Automatic washing machine Orient Fully-automatic washing machine features air drying, magic filter, and adjustable legs. It comes with different capacities for washing and spinning. It also saves electricity and has an LED display for easy operation. A semi-automatic washing machine from Orient comes equipped with a transparent lid, spin air dry, program selection, and rustproof body. The magic cleaning filter removes the lint while the transparent lid ensures convenience in checking the clothes. Inner wind cycle improves the drying process and different washing capacities allow you to choose one that best suits your needs.

Samsung Washing Machine:

Another popular brand offering washing machines in Pakistan is Samsung. Its fully automatic washing machine features Centre Jet technology to prevent tangled laundry. The Magic filter keeps your laundry clean. The unique design of the Diamond drum carefully washes the delicate clothes and Eco Tub clean keeps the washing machine fresh. Its front load washing machine is Energy Star certified. Digital Inverter technology provides a quieter experience. Moreover, it has different wash programs to suit every type of fabric. Samsung Semi-Automatic washing machine features Double Storm technology, Air Turbo Drying System, a scrub board, and hidden wheels. Air Turbo Drying system ensures faster drying of clothes While a built-in scrub board provides a hand wash experience. Moreover, the invisible wheels allow easy movement without lifting the machine.

Westpoint Washing Machine:

Westpoint is one of the best brands in Pakistan offering washing machines. Its products are durable and reliable. Westpoint front load washing machines feature the latest motor technology, low energy consumption, child lock, and LED display. Top load fully automatic washing machine prevents the out-of-balance condition for normal washing experience. Semi-Automatic twin tub washing machine from Westpoint comes with a full plastic body having a unique cover design. The big and small impellers ensure various directions of water flow. Westpoint also offers a single tub semi-automatic washing machine. This machine features a strong motor to take a heavy load and low noise technology to provide a quieter laundry experience. 

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